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Can Tinder See When I’m Online & Typing?

Tinder has evolved over the years. In it’s early years, it was simply a way for college students to meet each other on campus. It has since evolved into an online dating machine, helping people all across the world find love, simply through swiping left and right.

Currently, Tinder does not show users when you’re online. They do however, have a small notification box to show when the other user is typing one you’re in the chat.

Tinder’s features and capabilities are consistently changing, as they work to improve their platform on a monthly and sometimes daily basis.

In this article, we’re going to look at what the other user can see and what information tinder actually captures from the actions that you do on Tinder.

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Can Tinder See When I’m Online?

In 2017, Tinder used to have a feature, like most dating apps, which allowed the other users to see when you’re online. It would simple have a “last seen x amount of minutes ago” right below your picture in your profile.

This made it great, if you really liked someone and you were able to see when you appeared last online, thus making it more likely for you to continue talking to them.

It was also used for many poor purposes. The first one being that you were able to see if someone was ignoring you. If you saw someone was online 1 minute ago, and they didn’t answer your texts, there’s a good chance they were ignoring you. This angered a lot of users.

It was also used to see if someone you were dating, that you had met off the app, was using the app while you were dating. On every dating app relationship, there’s a 2-3 month window in the beginning where each person is feeling each other out, to see if they deleted the app.

This was a tell tale way to see if the other person was still active on Tinder, while they were in the beginning of a new relationship. It was a helpful tool but also a harmful tool.

Since then, Tinder has removed that feature. There is no current way for users on Tinder to see if you’re online. They have removed the feature and have no had anything even close to the feature since 2017.

We’ll of course update this blog if the feature ever comes back, but for now there’s no way for Tinder to display if you’re online.

Can Tinder See When I’m Typing?

Similar to iMessage, many mobile dating apps have adapted a feature where the other user can see if you’re typing. This often signaled with a bubble that has three dots in it.

At the time of writing this article, users can see when you’re typing. It does however, have a 5 second delay when you’re typing, but users are able to see Tinder’s version of the 3 dots when you start to type.

Typing bubble on Tinder : Tinder
via reddit

Just like iMessage, users will see that you’re typing as soon as you enter a letter into the text bar. This will let the user know that you’re online and have attempted to type in characters.

This is the only way that a user can know that you’re online and that you’ve attempted to send a message.

We highly recommend that you don’t start typing to someone unless you know what you want to say. Anyone that is a bit obsessive will be waiting for these bubbles to show up, which is a dead give away that you’re online.

Only when you’re ready to send a message, simply start typing your message to the other Tinder user.

Can Tinder See When You Screenshot?

Snapchat has made the world more skeptical with their notifications that the other part has taken a screenshot. Now when all users attempt to take a screenshot, they will often balk at the attempt as they don’t know if the app lets the user know.

Tinder, does not notify the user if you take a screenshot. This is a great thing because often times the best conversations come from Tinder, where you can share them with your friends.

Whether it be a gross message from a creepy guy, or wanting to show off how cute someone is to your friend, the screenshot feature will not show up to the other user.

We also want to caution you on the side of what you say, can and more than likely will be used against you, if you decide to be creepy or gross. Too often we see tinder users end up on popular social media accounts such as Tinder Nightmares or Tinder Convos.

If you’re reading this article, please be cautious in what you say and make sure that all conversation you send, it can and more than likely will be screenshot and sent to a group chat of guys or girls.

Feel free to screenshot all you want with no repercussions, at least from Tinder notifying the other user.

Can Tinder See My Phone Number?

Tinder, although it asks you for your phone number when you sign up, does not actually display your phone number. They simply use your phone number for login and authentication purposes.

This phone number is not displayed publicly anywhere for anyone to see. One example of the authentication is when you sign up, they will send you a code (often times numbers) which must be entered for authentication.

The reason Tinder users your phone number is to limit the amount of bots that appear on the app. One of the biggest complaint Tinder users had was that the bots and fake profiles were overwhelming, hurting the user’s experience.

By forcing phone number, instead of a social profile, it gives the same authentic experience and eliminates any bots trying to mass sign up via fake emails.

Relationship Or Hookup? Here's Our Picks

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These apps have been tested by our staff and selected as the top sites for each category.


Tinder, as of the time of writing this article only notifies you when you receiver a message or a match. It does not notify the other users if you’re online or if you’ve screenshot a conversation.

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