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Does Tinder Show Screenshots?

Tinder chats are always interesting enough where you want to show friends and family. Often the conversations will take an interesting turn, where you want to screenshot the conversation. However, screenshots may be hesitant, as there is always a fear that the other person may see.

Can You Take A Screenshot On Tinder? Yes. Tinder does not alert the other user if you take a screenshot. Screenshots are completely private, and the other user will not be notified.

In this article, we will show you how to take a screenshot in Tinder and why it’s important to take screenshots.

Screenshots On Tinder

Tinder can be an interesting place for conversations and meeting people. There are several accounts dedicated to posting screenshots of people who say crazy and interesting things on Tinder.

IG TinderNightmares

Taking a screenshot on Tinder is completely safe, and the other person will not be alerted. The reason people may be worried is apps like Snapchat, which was built for secrecy, show the other user when a screenshot has been taken.

Tinder, however, does not alert the user when a screenshot has been taken. Feel free to take screenshots anytime you would like.

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Does Tinder Notify Screenshots?

Tinder does not notify screenshots. Screenshots on Tinder are completely safe and do not alert the other user it has happened.

Other apps like Snapchat alert the user when a user has screenshotted a picture or conversation. This can often be seen with a flash icon and a push notification that their chat has been saved.

This often causes panic for the user as they wonder what has been screenshotted and why.

Tinder is not like Snapchat, and it doesn’t give any notification or indication that a screenshot has occurred. Users can feel safe that what they have screenshot will not alert the other user.

Why Do People Screenshot On Tinder?

People will often screenshot funny or creepy conversations on Tinder. Group chats are popular among friends, especially groups of girls who want to show off their Tinder experiences.

These messages will often contain praise or discomfort from the user, as they often get feedback from friends on what to say next. Screenshotting conversations on Tinder is so much easier than having to explain to your friends about the conversation.

Tinder doesn’t notify about screenshots, so feel free to take a screenshot anytime you feel it’s necessary.

Better than Tinder

Creepy Or Funny Texts

The number one reason people will screenshot text messages on Tinder is that the message they received was either funny or creepy.

Creepy texts often come from guys who are either too aggressive or forthcoming in their conversation. Guys and girls may be too aggressive on Tinder, leading to the other person being too uncomfortable.

Tinder screenshots funny

This will almost always prompt the other user to screenshot their conversation to share it with their friends.

Users also will screenshot funny texts. This can be a guy or girl deliberately trying to be funny or not. These conversations are often put on the internet to social media accounts and websites.

Save Conversations

Another reason to screenshot conversations is to save the conversation you’re having with the person. The reason to save conversations can vary based on the vibe you’re getting with that person.

One reason to save conversation is for memories. If you’re hitting it off with another Tinder user, saving conversations for memorabilia purposes can be useful in the future.

Another reason is to save phone numbers, WhatsApp, or Snapchat accounts. For example, if the user is deleting their profile but wants your information, you will need to screenshot it to save the information. This is the easiest way to save it.

The last reason to save the conversation is for your safety. If you feel as if you’re being threatened or in trouble in any way, it may be beneficial to save the conversation. But, again, simply screenshotting the text and saving it in your photos could help if anything happens.

Show Off Your Match

Showing off your match to friends and a family is another reason to screenshot on Tinder. If you match with a pretty girl or a handsome guy, there may be cases where you want to show off their photos.

Screenshot their pictures and save them to your photos. Tinder will not notify the other person, and you’ll be able to show off your match without the other person even know you’re doing it.


Taking a screenshot on Tinder is completely safe and does not alert the other user that you have taken one.

Screenshots are a fun way to show off your match, show your friends who you’ve been talking to, and save information for later use.

We will keep this article updated if anything changes in the future regarding taking a screenshot on Tinder.

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