How Does Christian Cafe Work? – Complete Review

With so many resources at our fingertips, being single and ready to mingle can be a very overwhelming experience. Finding someone of the same religious views can add even more stress for many Christians. Luckily, numerous sites and apps cater specifically to single Christians and try to help them find their perfect match, and none are more well-known than Christian Café. But how does it work?

To join Christian Café, you must first go through the sign-up process, which requires a lot of simple answers, and you will also need to add some photos. Once you have an account, the system will match you with like-minded people in your area, which depends on a percentage-based algorithm.

Though the process is simple enough, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. One of these factors is the price of using this dating service, but there are others to consider.

Below you will find an in-depth assessment of this dating service’s pros and cons. I will also establish a broad idea of how this service works and give you the different packages this service offers its users.

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How Does Christian Café Work?

As with most other online dating services, Christian Café is a service that allows you to meet new people online and establish relationships and meeting arrangements. The primary purpose of this site is to help you reach like-minded believers and find a romantic partner.

Though the central demographic is Christians looking to find a like-minded significant other, you can also use this service to find friends and acquaintances if that is all you wish. During the sign-up process, you will need to tick boxes under the “what are you looking for” section, making your reason for using the service known.

It is also essential to state that this service is against the premise of “hook-ups,” even your photos will be edited or declined if you show too much skin. Though this is a downside to most, we assume that people looking for a casual relationship or a fling won’t use this service because of its primary demographic.

The matching process starts after your sign-up process is complete, after which you can expect matches with people based on your answers and your location. Though you initially match with people through an algorithm, the rest of the work is up to you.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Christian Café

As with any other dating service, you need to consider both positives and negatives before creating a profile. Some of these pros and cons can seem menial to many, but they are critical to getting a complete picture of what the service is about and allows you to do. Below I will discuss all positives and negatives of this service.

The Pros Of Using Christian Café

  • Christian Café offers its users a free trial period before their first payment. The initial trial is 7 days, but adding a photo to your profile can extend the length to 10 days. In addition to getting a test of the service, the site states that the trial is a “full trial,” meaning that the service will not be limited even to a trial member, and you can do all a premium account offers.
  • Christian Café is Christian Owned, according to their website. According to the information provided on the website, the Christian Café dating service claims to be a Christian-owned business. It is important to note that some users and websites dispute this claim.
  • This dating service allows you to meet others of the same faith. As you can tell from the name and the key demographic, this site serves to help Christians find others of the same faith.
  • Both the app and website are straightforward to use. Though this wasn’t always the case, Christian Café has released an app for both IOS and Android devices. Both the website and the apps are easy to use and have a simple design.

The Cons Of Using Christian Café

  • Christian Café does not offer a free subscription past the end of your free trial. This, unfortunately, means that after your test period has come to an end, you cannot use the service unless you pay for it.
  • The Christian Café app and website feel outdated compared to newer services. Though the site and app are both easy to use, it does feel like it’s stuck in a previous version of the internet. This look is not what you would expect from a popular, trusted, and premium dating service.
  • Christian Café, though a brilliant service, has too few members. Unfortunately, the reality is that finding a significant other can be hard if there are not enough people in your area. The low member numbers are one of the reasons why using Christian Café can take much longer than the “mainstream” alternative dating services.

In general, Christian Café seems to be an excellent dating service that allows you to quickly get in touch with like-minded persons in your area. If there is someone you don’t want to be connected with, simply block them.

Though there are some cons to using this service, there are cons to using most dating services. If you are looking to find a relationship partner and are serious about your faith, this seems as good a place as most to start. If you’re unhappy with their service, simply delete the app and move on.

The Price Of Using Christian Café

I have to admit that though most of the site is easy to use, probably the hardest thing to find is the price for a premium subscription, or at least it is if you are not a member. Luckily Google can help you with that, and here is a link to the prices as stated on the website.

The prices below are the most recently updated I could find, though they might be specific to 2022.

  • 6-Month Membership – The cost of a six months membership is 109.97 US dollars. They also include that this means 61 US cents per day of premium access.
  • 3-Month Membership – As of now, the three-month membership will cost you 69.97 US dollars. If you are curious, the cost goes up to 77 US cents per day of premium access.
  • 1-Month Membership – For a one-month membership subscription, usually the smallest you can get, you will need to pay 44.97 US dollars, which means the daily cost is 1.50 US dollars per day of premium access.
  • 2-Week Membership – The smallest subscription package Christian Café offers is a two-week membership that costs 34.97 US dollars. Dividing the days by the total gives you 2.50 dollars per day of premium access.

See more about Christian Cafe pricing here.

Christian Café: Success Rates And Other Numbers

Though this might not be important to all, I find it essential to mention it for the sake of knowing. The success rates of others and things like testimonials will not have a hand in your success but might give you the push you need to try. Below are some numbers you might be interested to know.

  • Known successful marriages – Christian Café claims to have at least 25 000 successful marriages between its previous members.
  • Testimonials – The website also says to have featured at least 3000 testimonials of some users that achieved success with their service.
  • Android registered users – There are at least 50 000 registered android users that have used the app on their android devices.


If you want to find a like-minded person to be your life partner or even just your friend, Christian Café might be a good place to start. Though the price of a smaller subscription can be pretty pricey per day, this allows you the freedom to pay for only as long as you use the service.

However, if you are still unsure about using this service, you can try the free trial to understand what to expect.

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