Post Date: May 11, 2022

You would think a Christian dating site like Christian Café would be a safe, loving community, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There will always be emotionally unstable people on any dating service, and Christian Café is no exception. But what can you do if someone oversteps their boundaries? Luckily you can easily block them. Here’s how to block someone on Christian Café.

Christian Café has a Mailblock function that will block someone from sending you messages or viewing your profile. View the profile of the person that you want to block and click on “Apply Mailblock.” Note that this should only be a last resort for you, and kindness should always come first.

As anyone who’s ventured into the murky waters of online dating could tell you, it’s not always fun. People can get abusive when you don’t seem interested.

However, Christian Café maintains that courtesy is at the heart of what they do, and you should follow proper procedures before blocking someone. Let’s look at the right way to do it and some crucial things you should look out for.

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Things To Do Before Blocking Someone On Christian Café

Common courtesy is one of the foundation blocks that Christian Café is built on. The help pages state that blocking someone without following proper procedures and courtesy can also be seen as abuse, qualifying you to be blocked. So it’s crucial to follow some basic guidelines.

Respectfully State If You’re Not Interested

Let’s be honest, we all have particular tastes in partners. Though people often end up happily married to someone who’s the opposite of their “type,” sometimes we are simply not interested.

Blocking someone who’s constantly contacting you without courteously stating your disinterest is not suitable protocol. At the very least, you should indicate that you are not interested in communicating with them anymore.

This could be a simple message like, “Thank you, but I don’t think you and I are a perfect match. I wish you only the best in finding the perfect person for you.” It’s to the point, clearly stated, and courteous. Not offensive in any way. Any mature person should take the hint, thank you, and wish you all the best, then leave you alone.

Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens. Once you’ve told someone that you’re not interested and they keep on trying, it can be seen as harassment, which is a form of abuse. If this happens, it is time to hit the Mailblock button without feeling guilty. You’ve done everything you could to let them down easily.

Don’t Make Yourself Guilty Of Abuse

Many things that people often do on dating sites are considered abusive on Christian Café. This should be an obvious point, but it is still crucial to mention that any attempt to hurt or manipulate someone in Christian Café is frowned upon and labeled abuse. Sometimes this includes things that we don’t even think of.

Telling Someone That You’re Blocking Them

It is inappropriate to message someone telling them that you’re blocking them. This is because it could be hurtful to them. This may seem insensible to many, but keep in mind that some of Christian Café’s users may be in a bad place emotionally and not even realize that they are being abused.

Sending them a message telling them that you’re blocking them only pours fuel on the fire. After you’ve tried telling them you’re not interested in a friendly and courteous way, simply cut the communication and Mailblock them. Messaging them before blocking them could also be seen as attempted emotional manipulation, so it’s best to avoid that altogether.

Messaging Someone After Blocking Them

This may appear to be an oversight on Christian Café’s part, but it is possible to still message someone you’ve blocked even if they can’t message you back. Doing this is a terrible idea, and you should never do it. Once you’ve blocked a person, forget about them entirely and move on.

Messaging them after blocking them will only aggravate the matter considerably, so don’t throw fuel on the fire. Christian Café states in no uncertain terms that this is undeniably abuse, and you will be seen as the guilty party if you do this at all.

Always Respond

This is a related point that Christian Café emphasizes a lot. The help files state that it’s discouraging and uncourteous if someone sends you a message and simply doesn’t reply. It could be challenging to find the right words to respond to some messages, especially if it’s your first communication with someone.

Thankfully, Christian Café added an effortless “Acknowledge” button. If you receive a message that you don’t know how to respond to, simply hitting the Acknowledge button will reply with a message like “Thank you, I’ve received your message.” This is much better than just leaving someone on read.

It also leaves the opportunity for you to respond in a more personal way later on while also telling the person that they should now wait to hear from you if you’re interested. Not doing this is also considered abuse, and it could lead to them blocking you.

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How To Mailblock Someone On Christian Café

The process of Mailblocking someone is straightforward. After you’ve gone through the steps above to make sure that you are going about the process correctly, you can simply do the following:

  • Log into your profile at You can also Mailblock someone on the Christian Café mobile app.
  • Find and open the profile of the person you would like to Mailblock.
  • Under their profile, click on the button labeled “Apply Mailblock.”
  • You will be asked to confirm the Mailblock. You can just select “Yes” to activate the Mailblock.

If you ever want to remove a Mailblock, the process is just as simple:

  • Log into your profile on the Christian Café website or mobile app.
  • Find and open the profile of the person you previously blocked.
  • Click on the button next to their profile picture, “Unblock this member.”
  • Confirm that you want to unblock them by clicking “Yes.”

They will now be able to see your profile and send you messages again.

What If Blocking Them On Christian Café Isn’t Enough?

Occasionally, you find someone so abusive that you just know things will get worse. You may Mailblock them, but you know they will do it to someone else or try to stalk you and find out how else they can contact you.

Unfortunately, it’s simply impractical for Christian Café to do background checks on every member who signs up, so it relies on its members and users to supply information about people who don’t belong on the platform. This is why Christian Café allows you to report users that you deem dangerous or violate the conduct policies.

If you receive any particularly offensive messages from any user, you may go to their profile and click on the “Report” button. Refer to the message you received, and explain as much as you can about the situation. Christian Café’s staff will then investigate the matter and take appropriate action, leading to the user getting banned entirely.

Because this is a drastic step, you have to ensure that you are well within your rights to report the person under the Christian Café Conduct Policy. Still, any severely offensive or threatening messages violate these policies. In any of those cases, don’t just Mailblock them. Report them. Don’t let them do what they’ve been doing to you to anyone else.


As much as we would like to believe that everyone on a Christian dating site is a loving, caring Christian, this is real life and not fantasy. Apart from some unstable users, there could also be people who are on there with clear malicious intent. Once you’ve checked yourself and ensured that you did everything by the book, don’t be afraid to click that “Mailblock” button. It’s there to help you.

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