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Digisec Media owns Victoria Milan. There are around seven million users on this dating site, and most of them seem pretty pleased with Victoria Milan but is it worth their attention? How much does Victoria Milan Cost?

Victoria Milan has three memberships you can choose from. A three-month membership costs $49.99 per month, but if you want to opt for a six-month membership, you must pay $39.99 per month. However, many members seem to go for the 12-month membership, which costs $29.99 each month.

 If you are lonely and looking for some adventure, you will probably turn to a few dating sites or online chat rooms.

Although you can join these sites at no cost, the free version has limited features. With Victoria Milan being the best dating site, you will most likely consider joining, but let us look more into the pricing and cost to determine if it is worth investing your money in.

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How Much Does Victoria Milan Cost?

How much does victoria milan cost

I have come across many low-rated websites that posted reviews about Victoria Milan. Many of them did not provide the correct cost and pricing, but I finally found accurate information after some research.

Here is how much Victoria Milan costs and the membership packages that are available for you to choose from:

Pricing Of Victoria Milan’s Monthly Memberships
Premium Gold Membership3 months$49.99/mo.
Premium Platinum Membership6 months$39.99/mo.
Premium Diamond Membership12 months$29.99/mo.
Pricing of Victoria Milan’s Weekly Memberships
3 months$14.75/week$177 in total
6 months$12.25/week$294 in total
12 months$9.75/week$468 in total

It is cheaper to go for the monthly memberships because you will pay less than you would have with the weekly memberships. If you want to get a feel of the dating site or you are curious, purchase a three-month weekly or monthly membership.

You cannot do much with the free membership of Victoria Milan, so if you are serious about this dating site, then set your membership money aside.

What Features Does The Free Victoria Milan Membership Have?

The free membership of Victoria Milan is very restricted. The site will automatically send a notification to users to let them know that someone is interested in their profile. You can send “winks” to users and add profiles to your favorites. But what is the use if you cannot send them any messages?

Free members cannot send messages to other users or view incoming messages. They will only receive an email notification stating that someone sent a message or wants to get to know them. So, you can expect a lot of emails from Victoria Milan, but there is absolutely no way you can respond if you do not purchase a membership.

List of free services Victoria Milan offers:

  • You can send “winks.”
  • Search other profiles
  • Add profiles to favorites
  • View members’ profile images
  • See who visited your profile

What Features Does The Paid Victoria Milan Membership Have?

Since you basically cannot do anything on Victoria Milan with a free membership, you must upgrade to a premium membership to enjoy the full experience. You can get all the free services and extra features with a premium membership.

List of paid membership features Victoria Milan Offers:

  • You can send “winks.”
  • Search other profiles
  • Add profiles to favorites
  • View members’ profile images
  • See who visited your profile
  • View who added your profile to your favorites
  • See who sent you “winks.”
  • Send and receive gifts.
  • Send and read unlimited messages from users.
  • View private photos of users once they gave you their Private Key
  • Unlimited likes

Although Victoria Milan provides different “levels” of memberships, all three offer the same features and services. The only difference is the period of the membership. You will not receive more features when you upgrade from a Premium Gold Membership to a Premium Platinum Membership.

If premium users want to, they can pay $24.99 to allow free members to contact them and send messages. This feature is called the Standard Contact Option.

See exactly how Victoria Milan works here.

Which Payment Methods Does Victoria Milan Offer?

According to their website, they offer a variety of payment methods you can choose from. However, not all payment methods are open in every country.

To see what payment method you qualify for, check if it is listed on the Membership page. If not, then you cannot use other payment methods. Here are a few payment methods you can use:

Card Payments

Victoria Milan accepts Mastercard, Discovery, Visa, and American Express cards. They do not accept local debit or credit card providers since the site cannot process payments with those types of cards. The payment reference will be an anonymous name, and Victoria Milan will never appear on your bank statements.


Paysafecard works by entering a 16-digit Paysafecard pin. The payment is entirely anonymous. To purchase and receive the 16-digit PIN, you will have to visit their website,, enter your postal code or city, and find your nearest selling point.


To pay via Neteller, you must create an account on It is an e-wallet service, so you have to deposit money in your Neteller account to purchase a membership. 


Entercash allows you to pay online. You simply have to select the bank you are registered with, log in to Netbank, and make the payment.  

Does Victoria Milan Refund?

Victoria Milan does refund and rectify payments. If there are any errors during the payment process, they will credit or debit the payout, using the same payment method, to you.

If you want a refund or cancel your membership for whatever reason, you can notify Victoria Milan by sending them an email, [email protected], stating your reason for cancellation and refund. You can also click on the cancellation button found in your Account profile.

You must cancel your membership or request a refund within a specific period.

Is Victoria Milan Worth The Cost?

Victoria Milan is safe, anonymous, and discreet. They do not share your personal information and identity with third-party websites or members on their site. A team oversees the website to remove bots and fake profiles, proving that they are legit and worth the cost.

Many people say that the paid memberships are too costly. Still, considering the features they added to the website and their dedication to the safety and security of their members, I will not mind paying the fees if I receive good services in return.


Victoria Milan is a legit dating site. They keep your identity discreet and do not leak any of your personal information to other members of the site. You can meet a potential lover, make new friends, or explore a little.

Members can choose from three subscriptions: Premium Gold, Platinum, or Diamond.

The prices are not too bad judging by their features for paid members. A three-month membership costs $49.99 per month, but if you want to opt for a six-month membership, you must pay $39.99 per month. A 12-month membership will cost you $29.99 each month.

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