Post Date: January 4, 2022 is a dating platform that takes personal preferences very seriously and has a contingency plan for most issues.

Blocking is one such function, and it lets users stop specific people from contacting them. There is a list that shows how many people you have blocked. But how do you know if someone blocked you on

Unfortunately, you will not receive any notifications if someone blocks you. So, you cannot tell if it happened without manually checking your chat or looking up their profile.

There is plenty of conflicting information about blocking on So, it gets very confusing for new users to understand what is going on.

Here, I will discuss how blocking works and what happens to the chat after blocking. I’ll also briefly explain how to unblock and avoid getting blocked altogether.

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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On

If someone blocks you, you won’t see your previous conversations with that person. Another method is that you won’t look up their profile anymore. 

Every decent dating platform has a blocking system. One thing that all those systems have in common is that they never notify the blocked party. It is an effort to stop people from feeling bummed.

But there are still plenty of ways to know if you’ve been blocked or not on

The most common way to identify it is to check the chatbox. The box should turn blank once blocked or hidden by the other party. The system will also clear the chat history for all future interactions.

The second method is checking their profile. You will not look up someone’s profile if they block you. Their profile will not appear in the random match results. It will seem as if they never existed.

However, you don’t need to feel down about it. While these two are the only surefire ways of checking whether someone has blocked you, they are unreliable.

For instance, both things can happen if the user deletes their profile. In this case, you will lose the chat, and their profile info will disappear.

It can also happen if they violate any of the terms and conditions of In that case, will remove them from the platform. But will give you a notification when they remove someone this way. 

How Does Unblocking Work On

You can unblock someone by checking your block list. But you cannot unblock yourself from someone else’s profile unless they decide to unblock you. 

It’s common for people to be indecisive or regret past decisions. So, unblocking someone after a while is a common occurrence. But you cannot unblock yourself from someone else’s block list. Only they have that authority. 

People are more curious about what happens after getting unblocked. Does all the chat history disappear? Or is it stored in a database somewhere on the server?

Sadly, it won’t come back. You can only begin interacting with them again with a clean slate after they unblock you.

Currently, allows a maximum block list of 2000. The blocker must find the person they want to unblock from their block list.

Fortunately, most people do not have a maxed-out block list. So, the process of finding someone there is fairly straightforward. 

You need to click on the gear icon from the desktop version of The unblock function is not present on the Android version. From the gear icon, you need to go into “Blocking.”

That will show you your block list. Find the person you want to unblock and click “unblock.”

Reasons People Block Others On asks for a reason when someone tries to block another person. But most people would instead not specify. then lets them go through the process with no questions asked. It is a matter of privacy, after all.

But the human mind is infinitely curious. So, you probably want to know the probable reason why people block so much on these platforms.

Undesirable Topics

Hate speech and other abusive language are some of the primary reasons why people get blocked. Listening to endless criticism and texts full of malicious intentions is never a good experience. Unfortunately, online dating sites often have individuals with such a mentality. 

They sully the environment of the platform. So, those they interact with usually block them after a while. People can also report this type of behavior to the system. The system may help remove the person from the platform by banning their account.

Personal Reasons

Sometimes, it’s not the fault of either party. People often feel they need to get some space. Platforms such as have a lot of emotional content floating around. So, many people block others instead of ghosting because they feel too tired.

It’s a way of setting boundaries and moving on. So, no one will question this kind of behavior. Breakups are also a joint event on these sites. Maybe they will unblock the person again; perhaps they won’t.

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How To Avoid Being Blocked On

No one likes getting blocked. But many people might still find themselves on the blocklist of others.

Sometimes people unknowingly commit taboos that make the other person block them. Here are some of the things you should not do if you don’t want to get blocked:

Don’t Be Disrespectful

Most people want some respect from their partners. There are too many people on dating apps who incessantly pester others. Being too forward with sexual advances is also a form of disrespect. 

In general, do not try to send unsolicited pictures or information. Try to be more polite and generally avoid rude behavior. That will make you a lot less likely to get blocked by anyone.

Don’t Ask For Contact Info 

You need to get to know someone before you can have a relationship with them.

This means you cannot ask for someone’s contact info upon communicating with them for the first time. Things like that tend to move slowly on this sort of platform. encourages you to keep your conversations within the platform. Hence, people will not share their information unless they are secure enough.

That also means that most people are wary of people who ask for such information. For safety reasons, everyone should be careful with this sort of thing.

You need to chat as strangers for a bit before the other party feels comfortable sharing their information. Asking for contact info right away will make you seem like a creep. And the other party might block you without much thought.

Do Not Lie About Your Age

Lying about one’s age on a dating app is the oldest trick in the book. Using a false age to interact with another age group is a terrible thing to do. It violates trust and makes the other person feel terrible about their choices. 

People are always on guard against this type of thing. So they will block you or otherwise cut off all ties with you once they find out during the DTR phase.


Can you know if someone blocked you on Yes, you can. However, the sources are not very reliable. It could also be a case of them deleting their account or getting banned from the platform. 

It gets confusing because the system doesn’t bother notifying you when you get blocked by someone. But at least they notify you when you check a banned account. So, don’t feel too bad about yourself and try again. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and is nothing short of an ocean.

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