Post Date: October 14, 2020

Bumble has introduced a new reaction emoji feature. This feature allows users to send a reaction to the user’s profile once they’ve matched.

The new Bumble reaction emoji sends multiple emojis to the user’s profile once you’ve matched. This feature is similar to the Instagram emoji reaction, which fills the screen with the emoji of your choice.

In this article, we will show you how to use the Bumble reaction emoji to your advantage.

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What Are Bumble Emoji Reactions

Bumble has introduced a new way to react to users’ profiles. This new feature is called Bumble Reactions and allows you to send a flood of emojis to the user’s profile that you want to match with.

This feature helps show more interest to the person you’ve matched with by overwhelming them with happy and exciting emojis. This feature is similar to the Instagram feature, where users can send multiple emojis to users’ Instagram stories.

How To Use Bumble’s Emojis Reactions

A new button has appeared on each person’s profile picture that you come across. In the bottom left corner, under their name and occupation, a smiley face appears.

Bumble reaction emojis

This white smiley face icon is how you will send the emojis to the person you’re trying to match with. Clicking on the icon will bring up an emoji menu from which you’re able to select.

Bumble reaction emojis

If you notice, all of the emojis are positive and help you stand out from the person that you’re trying to attract. Select the emoji that you think gives you the best chance to match with the other user.

Once you’ve selected the emoji that you want the other user to see, they will be alerted of the emojis when you match with them. The emoji reaction will appear all over their picture when you send it, and they will see it when they match you.

bumble reaction emoji

Bumble reactions are a great way to add extra interest to your swipe. It allows you to show more emotion to your match and treat the other user as if you’re not just another person on the dating app.

These emojis are a great way to show the user that you really like their picture or you agree with what their profile stands for. We recommend using these emojis to help stand out from other users.

Why Use The New Bumble Emoji Reactions

Using the new Bumble reaction emojis can help you stand out from other users. Typically, users on Bumble and Tinder will effortlessly swipe left and swipe right based on the first picture.

To counter this, Bumble has added reaction emojis to bring more meaning to your matches.

If you receive a reaction emoji on your profile, it means the other user went through the extra effort to click the small white smile icon and tapped on an emoji.

This may not seem like a lot of effort, but it means the person went out of their way to show you extra attention. In the world of dating apps, taking the extra effort on a match is the difference between a first date and a flopped conversation.

These emoji reactions have already been proven to work on Instagram. If you’ve ever gone to a person’s story on Instagram, you will notice a similar feature that allows users to swipe up and add an emoji reaction.

Bumble has taken the same format and made it familiar to the Bumble user. This adds another layer of interest when two Bumble users match by adding a flare of emoji reactions to the match.

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Bumble Emoji Reaction Recap

Bumble’s new reaction emojis allow the user to send 1 of 9 emojis to the guy or girl they match with. Once the user matches with the other user, the emojis will be shown over the entire screen.

This feature helps Bumble users stand out from other users by adding some emotion to their match. Heart eyes and surprised emojis seem to be the front runner in showing emotion to other Bumble users.

We recommend giving these emoji reactions a try on Bumble and see if they help you get more meaningful matches on Bumble. The new Bumble emoji reaction feature was added to help single users stand out from other users, free and exciting.

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