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Many Tinder users like to use acronyms when chatting with other users online. FWB is one common acronym that tinder users use when talking with other users.

So what does FWB mean on Tinder? FWB on Tinder means “Friends With Benefits.” A friend with benefits simply means a friend with whom you can be intimate with no strings attached. FWB is quite similar to NSA, which means ‘no strings attached. NSA means you can have a relationship with someone, but no commitment is involved.

We’ll expound more on FWB on Tinder so that you know everything about FWB Tinder. You will also know what to do or say when a user on Tinder asks if they can be FWB with you.

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What Does FWB On Tinder Mean?

If you have used Tinder, you know that the FWB acronym is popular. But what do friends with benefits mean? You may think that it originated on Tinder, but that is not it. Instead, Friends with Benefits became famous after a movie called ‘No Strings Attached,’ was released in 2011. 

Friends with benefits
Friends With Benefits The Movie

The movie involved two friends who agreed to have sex whenever they felt like it but with no emotions involved. Because the Tinder platform is used for casual meetings, it is easy to see why using acronyms can be a good form of language. 

When someone asks you to be their FWB on Tinder, they don’t have to explain what their intentions are with you. You will agree or refuse if you know what the acronym stands for.

Read on to find out more about FWB relationship dynamics on Tinder and some important rules to get you started.

What Does A FWB Relationship Look Like?

The general idea of the FWB relationship is two people who know each other – they don’t have to be friends – having sex but keeping the romantic and emotional part of the relationship away. Usually, a successful FWB relationship has two sexually involved people who are not emotionally involved.

This is to say that such people are free to do what they like with others. They can be married but with an FWB with you. They can have multiple FWB where the friends are aware of their activities.

The FWB relationship is perfect for people who want to scratch their sexual itch without committing to a full-blown relationship. It is also great for polyamorous people who wish to have the pleasure of pursuing different types of relationships at one time. 

Some people will thrive in such casual relationships, but others will have a hard time separating emotional intimacy from sexual intimacy. For this reason, there are a few ground rules that one can follow to have a successful FWB relationship. 

What Are The Rules Of FWB?

The first rule for a successful FWB is to be emotionally mature to start an FWB relationship. Having sex with someone in a non-committal way requires a lot of emotional maturity. So before you get involved in an FWB, ask yourself if you are ready to have sex casually. Then, you will not be affected emotionally by what happens to the relationship.

Another important rule is that you should never get into an FWB relationship with someone you already have feelings for. In addition, you should never get involved in an FWB relationship with the hopes that you might get involved emotionally with the person in the future.

How To Choose A FWB On Tinder

You should choose your partner very wisely. An FWB partner should be attracted to you physically, and the same applies to you. Here, you need to differentiate between an emotional and a physical attraction. You should also be sure to choose an honest partner because casual relationships may require a lot of communication. 

When in an FWB, you should never be lovey-dovey with the other person. You should not go on dates. You should never smooch or hold hands in public.

You should not buy each other romantic gifts. It is imperative to keep everything in the bedroom so you don’t develop feelings for each other. If you start doing what normal couples do, you might develop feelings for each other, and that FWB would be a failure.

Consent is another crucial aspect of an FWB relationship. You always need to have your partner’s consent before anything. You should have clear boundaries so that no one can exceed the other’s boundaries of life.

Also, the two partners ought to ask for consent every time they intend to meet their partners. It shows respect and keeps the FWB relationship successful.

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How Long Should an FWB Relationship Last?

A 2020 study reviewing 191 participants in FWB relationships confirmed that after two years, only 25% of them kept their relationship. Only 15% proceeded to a serious level of relationships, and 31% cut all ties. This is to show that most FWB relationships do not last long.

With an FWB relationship, there may be no time limit, but if you notice something unusual, it’s time to give it up. The duration of the FWB relationship is not about time, but it’s all about how the partners feel about the relationship. Some may last for a few weeks, some months, and some may last for years. 

Bottom Line

If you are using Tinder, you know it is a dating app, and sometimes you may come across people texting using acronyms. FWB is just one among many acronyms you may come across as more love birds keep reaching out.

Understanding the meaning of FWB saves you the agony of asking your suitor what it means and clears the way for you to explore other dynamics of human intimate relationships.

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