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Tinder has recently added a feature called the Tinder secret admirer card that is randomly displayed to users. What is the Tinder secret admirer card, and what does it do?

The Tinder secret admirer card displays 4 pictures and asks you to choose one of them. If you guess the correct secret admirer on Tinder, you will instantly match with them. If you guess wrong, Tinder will prompt you to buy Tinder Gold to reveal who liked you.

This article will show you why Tinder added this feature and how you can best use the Tinder Admirer card.

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Tinder Secret Admirer Feature

There is a new Tinder feature that nudges free users to pay for Tinder Gold.

The Tinder secret admirer card randomly appears to a user typically after 10-20 swipes of a new session. This card appears once a day and is displayed as a pop-up on the screen.

The Tinder secret admirer card will feature blurred-out pictures or this rainbow style, a 4-card system displayed in a square.

Tinder secret admirer card

Once this popup displays, users will have the opportunity to pick 1 of 4 cards that are displayed. If you pick the right card, you will instantly be matched with a user who likes you.

If you don’t pick the right card, you will display a message that says you didn’t pick your Tinder secret admirer, but you can still match with 99+ (or however how many people like your profile) people who like you with Tinder Gold.

Tinder secret admirer

It then displays an option to unlock them all or to try later, maybe. If you choose to unlock them all, you will be directed to the payment screen for Tinder Gold, where you can unlock all of the cards.

This payment screen will show three tiers of purchasing Tinder Gold. If you want to know all the features that come with Tinder Gold, you can find all of them here.

If you’re not interested in pending money on Tinder’s premium subscription, then you can select “Maybe later”. If you’re a free user and select maybe later, you will see this Tinder secret admirer at least once a day.

This notification appears to get you to purchase their subscription and to nudge users to pay money.

If you do want to see everyone’s Tinder profile photo that it shows in the Tinder secret admirer pop-up, you will need to buy a Tinder Gold subscription.

If you do not buy a Tinder Gold subscription, you may still get this secret admirer card deck that shows up with other Tinder profiles.

How Does The Tinder Secret Admirer Card Work

Tinder has created this small mini-game to nudge users to pay for Tinder Gold. If the user can pick the right card, there is no need to pay for Tinder Gold.

However, if the user continues to pick the wrong card, the mystery behind one of the 4 cards remains. The hidden thought behind the card will ultimately lead the user to subscribe to Tinder Gold.

The main goal of Tinder is to make money. The way that they’re currently making money is through their Tinder Gold subscription. The Tinder secret admirer cards have helped them convert free users to paid users. This is why these mini-games exist to try to nudge users to pay.

Tinder Secret Admirer Free Version

To date, we’ve yet to pick the right Tinder secret admirer card. We’re also not sure if there is a way to actually pick the right card when the Tinder Secret admirer screen pops up.

We have to assume that there is no way actually to win this mini-game of the Tinder secret admirer and that Tinder wants to keep the thought of someone actually being behind one of those cards.

If you’re an avid Tinder user, paying for Tinder Gold may not be a bad idea. If you consistently have 99+ likes, Tinder Gold can instantly unlock all of your likes as well as other premium features.

Instead of being nagged by this secret admirer pop-up, you can pay for a monthly subscription and instantly enhance your experience.

How To Turn Off Tinder Secret Admirer Card

There currently isn’t a way to turn off the Tinder secret admirer card. If you’re a free user of Tinder, you’re always going to see this notification popup.

Compared to other mobile dating apps, Tinder gives full functionality to its users for free. These nudges and mini-games are a way to encourage users to purchase premium subscriptions. Tinder, however, gives users more than apps like eHarmony or for free.

Of course, having a free app comes with advertisements, and these types of popups push you to spend money with Tinder. This is not a bad tradeoff considering all of the available features for the user, for free.

The only way to turn off the secret admirer card on Tinder is to become a Tinder Gold member. This requires you to actually pay Tinder’s money, which will shut off these notifications completely.


That is the Tinder secret admirer explained. Secret admirers are hiding behind one of these four empty cards for an instant match.

Tinder has introduced the Tinder secret admirer notification pop-up to entice users to pay for Tinder Gold. The pop-up includes 4 cards that have a potential match behind one of them. If you choose the correct card, then you will be instantly matched with that person.

In most cases, you will get the wrong answer, and they will then redirect you to another pop-up that encourages you to purchase a Tinder Gold membership. This feature is used as a nudge to purchase their premium subscription and turn a free user into a paid user.

Non-Gold users may see these secret admirer cards over and over again until they buy the Gold package. Tinder developers (as well as all developers) are smart in how they want you to interact with their dating apps.

There is no way to win the secret admirer card and meet someone who likes you. We recommend trying out at least one month of Tinder Gold actually to see if you enjoy using the premium service. These notifications will go away if you do, and you will never see a Tinder secret admirer card again.

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