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Tinder has a wide variety of symbols and icons to signal that other users are paying attention. The blue star and the purple bolt are common among these symbols.

The blue star on Tinder means your profile has been super-liked. Instead of swiping left or right, the other user swiped up to super like you. Super Like is Tinder’s way of helping profiles stand out against others.

The purple bolt icon means that the user has liked you, using the Tinder Boost feature.

This article will show you what both the blue star and the purple bolt mean on Tinder.

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Blue Star On Tinder

The blue star on Tinder is a unique feature that is typically used by premium users. The blue star means that you’ve been super-liked by another user.

A super like is when someone swipes up instead of left or right. Users have 1 super like every 24 hours. This means that if a person uses their super like on you, it means something.

Super likes are signified by the blue star that appears next to their name. Super likes are automatically sent to the top of the user’s card stack, and they are notified right away. It’s a way for people to stand out in the crowded dating space of Tinder.

Similar to Hinge’s rose feature, Tinder uses super likes as a preferential swipe treatment. Super likes are scarce, so if you’ve received one, you should be honored that someone used it on you.

As mentioned, to super like, swipe toward the top of your phone, rather than the traditional left and right.

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How To Get Super-Likes On Tinder

Super likes are rare on Tinder, as there are so few in the app’s free version. Users can only use the super-like once a day, and it will reload after 24 hours.

The user must purchase Tinder’s paid subscription (Tinder Gold) or buy more super likes to get more super likes.

This causes the user to fall into a funnel of purchasing more ways to stand out than the traditional once-a-day feature. As we mentioned here, users with a gold heart next to their name were liked because they have Tinder Gold; it’s the same for super likes as a special feature.

Purple Bolt On Tinder

The purple bolt icon next to a user’s name on Tinder signals that the person has liked you using Tinder Boost.

Tinder Boost is a paid feature, which allows Tinder user to boost their profile to show up at the top of the card stack for all the users in their area.

This is a way to stand out and be the primary focus to all girls/boys located in your proximity. Although Tinder Boost is timed, when used properly, it can help increase your matches and help your profile be the first thing seen when other users open the app.

When using Tinder Boost, we recommend using the app as much as possible without putting yourself over the limit. You want to take advantage of the algorithm that popularizes your profile but doesn’t lock yourself out if you’re using the free version of Tinder.

Swipe 10-15 times every 3-4 hours and let the algorithm do all the work. Tinder Boost is activated when Tinder takes your profile and makes sure it’s seen by almost everyone that opens the app within your area.

The purple bolt lets you know that other users using Tinder Boost have liked your profile and that they’re serious about dating. Paying for features within Tinder often signifies the person is looking for more matches and more quality people on the dating app.

How To Use Tinder Boost

Tinder Boost is a feature that allows users to boost their profile, so it is at the top of the card stack for all the users in the area of your location.

To use Tinder Boost, users must first go to the home screen on the main page. From here, you’ll see the purple bolt icon. Tapping this button will bring up a prompt to enable Tinder Boost.

Tinder Boost purple bolt

From here, you’ll be prompted with a screen to enable Tinder Boost. Users will get one free Boost a month. However, if you’re looking to be on the top of card stacks consistently, Tinder Boost costs $6.99 to boost once. A ten-pack of boosts costs $49.

We recommend trying Tinder boost first (the free monthly boost) before spending any money on the paid boosts. If you feel it works, we recommend spending money, as more matches are what we’re all striving for when using Tinder.


Tinder has two features, the blue star, and the purple bolt, to signal to the user that they’ve been super liked or boosted.

These two features are important to Tinder, as they help users stand out in front of the competition. If you’ve found it hard to get matches on Tinder, it may be beneficial to purchase super likes and Tinder Boost to stand out from others.

Tinder is a visual game, rather than other mobile dating apps that also lets users showcase their personalities. Tinder strictly focuses on looks and a short bio. Maximize your matches on Tinder by taking advantage of their boost and super-like features.

These icons are also meaningful for both the user sending them and the person receiving them. Sending a super like means you really want to know that person, as they fit your physical description.

Receiving a super like means that the person is interested in you, and knowing someone is physically attracted to you just by looking at your pictures is good news.

Tinder uses these features to enhance its user experience and find as many meaningful matches as possible. This is also another way for Tinder to make money with the many icons featured in the app.

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