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What Does The Green Heart Mean On Tinder? Learn Here

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Its unique swipe right and swipe left style of dating has completely revolutionized matching with other people. Tinder has also introduced icons to help with the matching process.

On Tinder, the green heart icon represents the “like” button. If the user does not want to swipe, they can instead tap the green heart to send a like to another user.

In this article, we’re going to show you more about the green heart and how you can use it on Tinder.

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Green Heart On Tinder

Tinder is famous for its swipe right and swipe left mechanics. Apps who copy this mechanic are often known as the “Tinder for” whatever their industry is.

Tinder founders believed that inserting the swipe mechanic can both increase the user’s interactions and also help with addicting them to the process.

Instead of swiping, users are able to tap icons on the screen, which essentially do the same thing as swiping.

Users can tap the green heart icon that’s on the screen, which will essentially send a like to the other profile. This has the same effect as if the user swiped to the right.

Tinder users may opt to tap the green heart icon instead of swiping simply because it’s easier. Swiping left and right can be exhausting, especially if you have unlimited swipes with Tinder Gold.

Thumb cramps and possible thumb exhaustion are possible, especially if you’re consistently holding your phone in one hand.

To alleviate the pain, Tinder has created a way to simply tap the touchscreen device to like or dislike a profile.

Tinder green heart on home screen

By tapping the green heart icon, users will send a like to the other profile. If they tap the red x, it will send a dislike, meaning the person will not be notified that you’re interested.

The process of tapping the screen, rather than swiping can be easier to do in public and around friends. Dating apps are slowly becoming the normal way to meet someone. However, it’s common for older adults to be uncomfortable using the app in public.

Red X On Tinder

The green heart on Tinder means to like a profile. Opposite to that, the red x on tinder means to dislike a profile.

Tinder red X

If you come across a profile that you’re not attracted to, or simply has no interest in, hitting the red X button will have the same effect as swiping to the left.

If you swipe to the left, the other person will not be notified. It will almost be as they don’t exist, as their profile will be thrown into a waste bin that you’ll never see again.

Swiping to the left is completely anonymous and the other person will never know that you swiped left on them.

We do recommend you read their bio and look through all of their pictures before you swipe right. More often than not, users will have a bad first picture or fail to put their best picture first. This can often lead to users prematurely swiping to the left and missing a potential good match.

Also, one thing that is hard to judge on dating apps, especially Tinder is personality. Due to the fact the only way we get to visualize the personality on Tinder is through the bio, we must trust the few words that are often put on there.

For example, other dating apps like Hinge and Bumble give the option for users to express their personality through answering questions.

Tinder has a small bio, which some users leave empty. This can often lead to people hitting the red X, so be sure to fill out your bio to be able to maximize your potential of getting people to hit the green heart.

Why Hit The Green Heart Instead Of Swiping?

It may also be beneficial to hit the green heart instead of swiping simply for the reason of not missing matches.

Swiping is a process that users can fall into the habit of quickly swiping without actually getting a proper read on the profile. Too often, users fall victim to quick swiping, which is when users swipe too fast and miss a potential match.

Tinder requires users to upgrade to premium, in order to backtrack and find a match that you missed.

In order to slow down your swiping process, we recommend you use the green heart in order to send a like. This will help in slowing down the user so they’re able to look in-depth of each profile.

This will help you avoid missing profiles, especially if you’re on the free version of Tinder. Each match counts as you’ll only be limited so a certain amount of likes per day.

Take time to look through each profile and make sure hitting the green heart is worth it.

Relationship Or Hookup? Here's Our Picks

Best For Relationships

Best For Hookups

These apps have been tested by our staff and selected as the top sites for each category.


The green heart on Tinder is used to life profiles, similar to swiping right on the app. Tinder has created a system where users can swipe right to like profiles and swipe left to dislike them.

If the user doesn’t want to use the swipe mechanics, simply use the button mechanics with the green heart and the red X. Tapping the buttons have the same effect as swiping right or left on a profile.

The green heart on Tinder is unique to the dating app and serves as a way to get matches to like you, as it will send a like to their profile.

The red X on Tinder should be hit fewer times, as we always want you to give everyone a chance. One thing that dating apps does poorly is showcase personality. People are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. The green heart is your friend in this case.

Utilize Tinder to it’s fullest and hit the green heart as many times a day before your matches run out. Take your time and look through each profile, as they may have some hidden qualities in the last couple of pictures as well as the bio.

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