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Why Are Dating Apps So Expensive?

Dating apps are often expensive for the average person, priced well above $20/month. This can easily substituted for a meal, gas or even a new t-shirt. However millions of people across the world will opt into a subscription service in hopes of finding their soulmate.

Why Are Dating Apps So Expensive?

Dating apps are expensive because it plays on the power of love, gives users access to more people and helps reveal hidden features.

The Power Of Love

The first and most important reason why dating apps are so expensive is because they play on the power of love. Whether you’re a male or female, love is a powerful thing. Chasing love is even more of a task, as now have dating apps at our disposal.

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Male and female users are able to meet people within seconds by simply swiping their finger to the right side of a mobile screen. The technology has brought us closer to one another, with hopes of finding our boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

Dating apps and dating websites continuously thrive off of young and older bachelors and bachelorettes by giving them a pool of people to say yes or no to, in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough.

These hopes can come at a sturdy cost. Once the dating app is able to get us addicted to the nature of swiping left and right, they then will often present an opportunity to purchase a subscription service, which has all the bells and whistles you’ll need to find love.

Access To More People

Dating apps will often withhold matches and the opportunity to match with others by putting them behind a pay wall. Popular apps like Bumble and Tinder will show you a blurred image with a number, in hopes to heighten your curiosity.

Often times, curiosity will lead to spending money on the premium service.

The access to more people is something we crave as we’re sitting comfortably at home.

Take the example of going out on a Friday or Saturday night. Even if you’re in the city, the max amount of bars you’ll be able to go to is 2 or 3. Each bar isn’t even promised to have guys or girls that fit your type, which could end up being a waste of time.

As we move into the mobile culture, dating apps have recognized this and have locked how many swipes you’re able to do per night. There’s a belief that you’re more likely to find someone on multiple dating apps, then you are actually going to a bar and getting the courage to talk to someone cold.

These beliefs, on top having access to hundreds of potential matches in our pocket, have left us to believe it’s easier to online date than it is to meet someone in person.

Reveal Hidden Features

Hidden features on mobile apps include blurring out users faces and having a number show how many potential matches await.

These hidden features instantly draw curiosity to the user which they have no problem paying for.

For apps like Plenty Of Fish, the user can get interesting statistics about other users, in order to make well informed decision whether or not to pursue that person. These types of analytics can be vital to someone who is consistently using the app trying to find love.

Hidden features will always tip the scale of getting a user to spend money ( at least for one month) to get them addicted to the premium process.

How Much On Average Do Dating Apps Cost?

On average, dating apps can cost anywhere between $19-$30 per month. This is for subscription pricing, meaning the users can elect to pay per month, 6 months or for the year at a cheaper price.

Dating apps often have on time purchases as well where users can buy pieces of the subscription model for a one-time purchase and often times one time use. For instance, buying “coins” or any type of digital in-app currency can cost the user anywhere from $5-$10.

Similar, pieces of the subscription model such as “buying a boost” or having your profile appear at the top of search results for an hour are often marketed. These can cost anywhere from $1-$5 for a short period of time.

Are Dating Apps Worth The Price?

If you’re in need of searching for your spouse, it may be worth the price. There’s a few factors that play into if paying for a dating app is worth it…

  • Do you go out a lot?
  • Do you have trouble breaking the ice?
  • Do you work a lot and not have time to go out?
  • Do you prefer staying in as opposed to going out?

Answer these questions honestly and if you feel as if you don’t have time to go out or would rather sit and home and test your odds, paying for online dating may be for you.

Also, if you want to play the numbers, having more options available to you to meet more people may be in your favor. However be careful, along with more matches comes more stress to sort out the matches. Simply letting go or un-matching potential candidates can become a stressful part of your dating experience.

How much are you willing to pay on a dating app? Are dating apps getting too expensive? Let us know in the comments below where you think the mobile dating app world is headed!

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