Post Date: May 29, 2020

Dating into your 30s can seem like a lot of pressure. Family, relatives, and even friends will start to wonder if you’ll ever get married.

Luckily, with the dating landscape going digital, it’s easier than ever to meet someone new. Thanks to mobile dating apps, we’re able to filter our likes and dislikes to build the perfect guy or girl.

In this article, we’re going to show you the best dating apps that you can use into your 30s to accelerate your dating life.

Before we show the dating apps, we must clarify that we’re going to feature these dating apps are for dating, not casual dating. If you’re looking for casual dating, unfortunately, this list isn’t for you.

Now, let’s learn about what dating apps can help you with dating into your 30s.

Best Dating Apps For Girls In Their 30s


Dating app Hinge tells singles it 'wants to be deleted' in new campaign

Hinge is the safest platform that we’ve found for girls to engage with guys and have a reliable date. Hinge’s marketing campaign is the app that’s designed to be deleted.

It encourages users to delete their app when they’ve found that special someone. Hinge works traditionally like most mobile apps, but instead of swiping, the user must tap a button, a checkmark, or an x to move to the following user.

It will showcase 4-5 pictures, also featuring questions users may answer to showcase their personality. Hinge is known for having quality matches and little to no bots.

Users can experience a clean user experience, as well as a clean dating experience.

Users on Hinge are often looking for dates, so it creates an atmosphere where users are looking for the same thing; a relationship.


Bumble dating app

Bumble is a great option for girls in their 30s. The reason Bumble is excellent for females is that they are in control of this mobile dating app. Bumble, unlike other dating apps on the list, gives complete control to the girl.

Men aren’t able to communicate with women until the woman initiates conversation first. All of the power is given to the girl on this app.

Why do they do this? Many reasons. The founder of Bumble is a woman who used to work for Tinder. She noticed that guys initiated conversation a majority of the time, and often, it was inappropriate messaging.

To eliminate this, she decided to give all of the power to the girls. Now the girl can choose what matches she wants to communicate with and what matches she intends to let die out.

Bumble, however, only allows for matches to be active for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the match disappears forever if the girl doesn’t initiate conversation.

If you’re someone who checks mobile dating apps every few days, you may want to put on the alerts and notifications on Bumble; that way, you don’t miss your potential husband! dating app

The 3rd dating app on our list for girls in their 30s is We love because of its financial dedication to the app.

The two apps that we mentioned above ( Bumble & Hinge) are free for the users. Free users aren’t as dedicated to paid users. Paid users are often serious about their financial commitment and will be using it more often.

Match also has some great filters, which allow users to filter out height, religion, and hobbies. It’s essentially a platform where you’re able to build your perfect boyfriend.

If you don’t mind spending a little money on dating apps, is the perfect fit for someone serious about dating.

❤️ Pro Tip: If you’re sick of finding people who are just looking for one-night stands, we recommend trying eHarmony.

It’s one of the highest-rated online dating apps in the world. eHarmony users are actually actively looking for relationships. Give it a try here for free and see if you can tell the difference.

Best Dating Apps For Guys In Their 30s


As for girls, Hinge is also a great dating app for guys. It has everything guys need to have a successful mobile dating app experience.

Hinge offers little to no bots, girls looking for relationships, and a fun/easy experience for the user.

Conversations on Hinge often lead to dates, which then often lead to relationships. As their saying goes, “The app designed to be deleted,” Hinge doesn’t favor between man or women; it’s an entirely neutral app.

If you’re a guy in your 30s and are looking for a mobile dating app to start dating, we recommend checking out Hinge. dating app

As mentioned above, is a great dating app for both girls and guys who want a serious relationship. The financial commitment to use the app is enough for users to take dating seriously and take the whole process with intent. also allows you to filter out matches, so you’re able to get the girl of your dreams based on your search criteria.

We recommend trying out at least for one month to see how you like it before proceeding with further plans.


OkCupid is a great alternative for guys. One of the best features of OkCupid is its compatibility score. Based on the questions you answer, it will pair you up with other similar users.

For instance, if you’re an introvert, it will try to match you up with like-minded people.

The interface is super easy to use pictures, likes, and conversations are all neatly assembled along the bottom of the app.

Thirty million users, the fastest-growing mobile dating app, says it all. The variety on this mobile dating app allows for the user not to see the same person, based on the age range they set.

We recommend trying out OkCupid if you’re looking for a realistic and long-term relationship.

Best Dating Apps Recap

Dating apps are meant to help accelerate and make dating life much easier. Stress shouldn’t be a part of finding your true love.

Our list of best mobile dating apps for guys and girls differs; however, a similar point is Hinge. Hinge can be great for both parties, as it’s designed to be deleted.

What’s your favorite mobile dating app? Do you think we missed a dating app? Let us know in the comment section below!

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