Post Date: September 23, 2020

Bumble is a unique mobile dating app, as it relies on the girl to make the first move. Unlike the traditional approach of the guy usually making the first move, Bumble gives the power to the females to make the first move.

Bumble has an icon that says “your move” to let you know whose turn it is to respond. Your move means that it is your move to respond to a message on Bumble chat.

In this article, we will show you why Bumble has “your move” on their chat.

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Your Move On Bumble

Your Move notification on Bumble

The Your Move feature has been added to Bumble to nudge users to respond to potential matches.

For guys, the “your move” icon will appear once the girl has broken the ice and messaged them. For girls, it will often appear when a guy responds to your message.

This feature first appeared in the dating app Hinge to let the other users know that it’s their turn to answer. Even if the user did not want to answer, they would be nudged with a badge icon and “your move” notification.

Typically users hate to see red badge icons and notifications in general in their app. It’s much more appealing to the mind to have no notifications at all. By adding the “your move” icon, users will automatically need to clear the icon by responding or deleting the chat.

Remove The “Your Move” Notification

There are two ways to remove your move notification from your chat queue.

The first way to remove the notification is to respond to the other person simply. This will then put your move notification on their profile. Once they respond, it will be passed back to the other person.

The “your move” notification will be passed back and forth between users, reminding them to respond as soon as they get the notification.

The second way to remove the “your move” notification is to delete the person from your chat queue.

If you get annoyed with the notifications and the person you’re talking to isn’t high on your priority list, simply deleting them from your chat is another way to remove the notification.

We, of course, recommend this be the last resort, as deleting someone simply because of notifications that don’t make much sense. However, this is one way to remove the notification effectively; you don’t have to see it anymore.

Does The “Your Move” Notification Go Away?

The only way the “your move” notification goes away is when you respond to the user. This is the only way to get rid of the notification.

The yellow notification may seem a bit too much at first, but the more you engage with the mobile app, the more it will become part of the app for you.

If the yellow notification does bother you, I recommend taking the conversation to a third-party app such as Snapchat. If you don’t have or like Snapchat, then we recommend exchanging numbers with your match. This way, you don’t have to look at the yellow “your move” notification anymore.

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Bumble has created a notification called “Your move” to nudge the user to make a move and respond to the person who sent the message. This notification was created to keep the dialogue between users, ensuring user activity on the mobile app continues.

The more activity on the mobile app, the more the user becomes addicted to the platform. The more they are addicted to the platform, in turn, they are to purchase premium features on the app.

This notification has proven to create more timely responses because of the notification, but it also helps remind people they didn’t respond to their match.

This can be a useful feature as people often forget to respond to matches, especially if they have a lot.

Also, if they accidentally click on a match and forget to respond, other apps like Tinder will not remind them they need to respond. This is a useful notification that helps with the usage on the app.

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