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Today’s dating practices are very different from those in decades past. It’s common practice for individuals of all ages to use dating sites and apps like Badoo. Badoo is one of the newest and most rapidly growing dating apps on the market today.

You may wonder what this app offers and how much it costs, but I’ve done all the footwork, so you don’t have to.

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Badoo Dating App Details

The cost to get started using the Badoo dating app is free. To start, open an account and provide your personal details, such as your name, age, and interests.

You’ll also want to include a flattering profile image- preferably a headshot and a few other candid shots. Once you set up your account, you can begin browsing through and swiping to view other users and like profiles. 

However, if you decide to purchase one of their packages, it can run anywhere from $2.99 to $19.99. Some options allow you to pay 79 cents per day for daily use.

There’s also a lifetime subscription option that runs $59.99. Badoo features a filter that allows individuals to decide whether they want to simply make new friends, chat online, or go on dates. There’s also a feature that provides information about mutual friends online.

Like many of the other most popular dating apps and websites, it has a swipe-through feature that allows you to easily view individuals signed up on the app.

The chat feature also allows you to see who’s online in your area, so you can reach out and send them a message and vice versa. Keep reading to find out more detailed information about this popular dating app.

Badoo Pricing

Badoo Dating app pricing

Individuals who want to check out the Badoo app to give it a test run and see if it’s ideal for their needs can use it for free. The free version allows you to perform basic actions such as liking users’ profiles with the “Encounters” feature. You’re also allowed to send chat messages to other individuals signed up in your area. 

However, if you like the app and want a wider selection of options and matches, you can buy a subscription package for as little as $2.99 for credits.

This app doesn’t have a monthly subscription like most of the other apps out there. However, you can purchase credits and spend them on features that you feel work best for your approach.

For example, you can purchase credits to spend on the “Rise Up” feature that allows your profile to be more prominently displayed across the site.

You can also spend your credits on what are called “Super Powers,” which allows you to access certain features and allow you to attract more visitors to your profile, get more matches, and get featured more often.

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Badoo Feature Options

If you’re just curious about the bad dude dating app or want to familiarize yourself with how it works, the free option may temporarily be the way to go. However, if you’re serious about using this app regularly, you want to invest in additional credits and Premium features to get the best experience. 

Your search results and communication options are very limited with the free version. However, you can purchase Super Powers features and select the options that would most suit your interests at the time. Suppose you find that you have to buy credits more frequently. In that case, you may want to consider investing in the lifetime feature to get access to all the benefits the site has to offer without constantly purchasing more credits for more options.

I highly recommend that you use the Rise Up feature to have access to a larger audience and have more overall options to choose from. You’ll be featured in searches of other individuals with the same interests and goals to ensure you get better matches over time. If you want to delete the app, it’s very easy to do so.

Pros Of Using Badoo

Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps for several reasons. One of the primary benefits most users appreciate is its ease of use. Its streamlined features and intuitive design allow you to easily scroll through and filter through potential matches and allow you to customize your preferences as you go.

Additionally, one of the other great features of Badoo is its security. Individuals who sign up have to go through multiple steps to verify their profile. That means fewer shady individuals and more quality matches overall.

Cons Of Using Badoo

Every dating app and website has a few cons. These cons can vary depending on your personal preferences and viewpoints. However, one particular con would be the need to purchase credits to access the premium features on the website. 

This process can become tedious and time-consuming and end up costing more than a lifetime subscription. There may also be a learning curve when it comes to familiarizing yourself with the app and all its features and filters. This means you may stumble across a few bad matches or undesirable users along the way.


The Badoo dating app is pretty typical in terms of today’s most popular dating app options. It has a streamlined dashboard that works much like the Tinder app, where you can swipe through potential matches and like their profiles or even send them a chat message.

These basic functions are available to users via a free account. However, this app works best for serious users when you purchase credits or a lifetime subscription.

Suppose you feel like you’ll be using the service frequently and are serious about dating or meeting new people. In that case, you may want to consider investing in the lifetime membership if you find yourself buying credits often.

The Badoo dating app is also relatively safe and effective for meeting singles in your preferred radius and chatting with them after your match. It’s an excellent app to try if you want to experiment with some additional dating app options or if you’re not having success with others or want to try something new.

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