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How Do You Know If Your Tinder Profile Is Visible

When a user signs up for Tinder, the profile is immediately added to the card stack, and the user is able to find matches and be matched with.

However, visibility of your Tinder profile may be hidden. This may be done for a certain amount of reasons, which we’ll cover later in the article.

Tinder dating profiles, from the minute the user downloads the app, sets up the profile, and enters the information, is entered into the Tinder algorithm.

Depending on where you live, it may be sooner or later that you appear in the card stack.

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How Do I Turn Off My Tinder Account?

Tinder has a feature, like most mobile apps to take yourself out of the stack and out of the algorithm temporarily.

Simply go to the settings page where you adjust the distance, sex, and age range and you’ll see an option for “show me on Tinder”.

As it states ” While turned off, you will not be shown in the card stack. People you have already liked may still see your profile and match with you. You can still see and chat with your matches.”

Turn off tinder account

Let’s break down what it means when this option is selected.

First, it states you will not be shown in the card stack. This means that other users won’t be able to see your profile picture and bio while this option is unchecked.

If you’re looking to remove yourself from the app without actually deleting the app, this may be the best option.

It also allows users who may have met someone, but they don’t know if they’re “the one”, to take a break for a while. There are many other options that people will want to hide their card stack which we’ll cover later in the article.

Second, and most important, if you’ve already liked someone on Tinder, and then you uncheck this box, you will still be shown on Tinder. This is important because if you happen to get drunk and like a ton of people, then uncheck this box, the people you swiped on will still be able to see your profile.

This is important because if you’re trying to be discreet on your Tinder use, your card stack will still be visible to those you’ve swiped right on. Keep this in mind if this is important to you, especially if you’ve met someone on Tinder.

Last, if this option is turned off, you’re still able to see and talk to your matches.

This feature is clutch because if you found someone you really like, you’re able to turn this feature off and still message them, without being tempted by other users.

One thing about dating apps is that there’s always the anticipation that there’s “something better” a swipe away. This is a great way to minimize that feeling and stay loyal to one match.

Why Do People Turn Off Their Tinder Accounts?

There are a few reasons that people would want to turn off the option to be shown on Tinder, rather than delete the app completely.

Some of these reasons are good, some can be bad. Here are the reasons we’ve found:

  • Taking a break from swiping. The online dating game can be exhausting. Turn this option off to simply take a break
  • Hide from other users. This could be because you met someone you really like and don’t want to talk to them. It could also mean you’re trying to avoid friends of a girlfriend.
  • If you’ve possibly found someone you like, but not sure the long term plan. This is a great way to hide from the other users and stay loyal to one match

Is There A Limit Of How Long I Can Stay Hidden?

The account stays hidden as long as the box is checked. This hides the card stack from other users in Tinder and it will almost be like you don’t even have the app.

If you decide to delete your tinder app (not delete the account), your profile will remained hidden if you’ve unchecked the “show me on Tinder” option.

This is great because if you don’t want to have the app anymore and you don’t want to go through the on-boarding hassle and having your profile show up as a new profile. This option is ideal.

What The Difference Between Hiding & Deleting My Tinder Profile?

As mentioned, being able to simply uncheck the box that says “show me on Tinder” will hide your profile from other users.

If you’re looking to delete your Tinder profile completely, there’s a simple solution to do so. Simply scroll all the way down on the settings page, and you’ll “log out”. Right below log out there will be an option to delete the Tinder account.

Delete Tinder Profile

If you’re not seeing it, you have to scroll literally to the very end of the page to find it. It’s buried at the bottom and can be missed very easily.

Choosing this option will completely wipe out all of your Tinder history, matches, chat, and will require you to create a new profile.

We only recommend doing this if you’re completely satisfied with the app and have found a match, or aren’t satisfied and want to completely remove the app from your phone. We recommend if you want to remove the app temporarily, uncheck the “show me on Tinder” option and delete the app.

This way if you want to go back and use it again, you don’t need to go through the hassle of inputting all the information back in.

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You’ll truly know if your Tinder profile is visible if “show me on Tinder” button is checked and all your photos are updated. The pictures will automatically be entered in the Tinder algorithm and be shown to other users.

When this button is unchecked, it’s important to know what will happen to your profile and who will be able to see. Test the feature out, try turning it on and let us know what you think.

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