Post Date: February 7, 2020

Is your Tinder consistently freezing and crashing when you try to use the dating app? There’s a reason behind the technical glitches, and there are multiple ways to fix them.

To keep Tinder from crashing, close and open the app, restart your phone, or delete and reinstall the app.

If you’re using Tinder or any other mobile dating app, let’s learn how to fix these annoying bugs and hopefully make your dating experience as pain-free as possible.

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Prevent Tinder From Crashing

Below we’re going to show you how to prevent Tinder from crashing every time that you open the app.

Close And Open The App

Dating apps tend to glitch no matter what phone you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s iOS or an Android phone.

The quick fix is to close the app and reopen it. Hopefully, this will reload all of the mobile app’s code, and hopefully, there will be a fresh build with no glitches.

This is the quickest fix in hoping it was just a small issue when opening the app. Still not working? Let’s move on to other options.

Tinder app crashing

Close Any Apps That You Have Open

If you have too many mobile apps open, the system’s memory and RAM may be bogged down. This could cause issues throughout your phone and cause your dating app to freeze or even consistently crash.

Our recommendation is to close all of your mobile apps, especially if you have 10+ mobile apps open. When all of these apps are open, it can only cause your phone and potentially other apps to crash.

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Restart Your Phone

If all your apps are closed, and you’ve tried opening and closing your app, your phone may need a fresh restart.

First, make sure all the apps are closed on your phone before restarting. Some phones will keep the same apps open when you restart. It’s key to make sure everything is closed so the phone can get a fresh chance once it’s rebooted.

Simply holding the restart button ( or turning your phone off completely and turning it back on) will reset all of the RAM and clear the cache on your phone. This is crucial in maintaining a fast and efficient running phone.

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Delete The App and Reinstall Tinder

Still, having issues? Our last recommendation is to delete the app and reinstall it completely.

When installing, there could have been a bug with the code when it landed on your phone. This is a pain because you’ll have to go through the process of going back to the app store and deleting it.

One other point we want to make is to make sure there’s enough memory on your phone. If there is a low memory, the system will be bogged down, and try to find as many resources as possible to fit the app on your phone.

The best visual reference is trying to fit a car into a parking space. Do you want to fit it into a tight space or a nice wide open space? Clearing the room on your phone, whether deleting pictures or other mobile apps, can help your phone safely download the mobile dating app.

Other Issues

We recommend contacting app support and asking what the issue is. There may be known errors on the iOS or Android platform that the developers may help you out with.

There also may be issues with the mobile app not supporting certain phones. As mobile phones get more powerful, app developers must keep up with the power and new features. It needs to appease the newer users and not rely so much on the older builds.

This is why if you have an older phone and you’re due for an upgrade, it’ll be in your best interest to update the phone. If this is the case of you having an older phone, it may not be the mobile app’s fault, and there may be nothing else left to do but purchase a new phone.

Best Phone To Use Tinder On To Prevent Crashing

There’s not necessarily a better phone to use than others. Android phones are the most popular worldwide, so developers typically try to optimize for the Android market.

However, if you have an iPhone, there’s typically a cleaner experience for mobile dating apps.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter which phone you use for your dating experience.

The one thing we do recommend is that you keep your phone up to date. Old phones are the source of problems as they will typically run into issues as the app continues to upgrade and progress.

Check with your provider to see if you’re available for an upgrade or make the investment in a new phone if you’re serious about online dating.

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Tinder Crashing Recap

To prevent Tinder from freezing, restart your phone or delete and reinstall the app. Often the caching or phone memory can also cause issues if there are too many apps open.

We recommend that you continue to try all of these fixes to troubleshoot your Tinder app properly.

If there are still issues, it could be a memory issue for your phone, as it may not have enough memory to run the app. This may also cause issues to the phone and cause it not to run properly.

If issues remain, we recommend you contact Tinder directly and see if they have any guides to help guide you through any of these issues. Oftentimes, the issues above can be fixed by simply restarting the phone or deleting the app.

Tinder also has an online version available which we wrote about here. This will walk you through using Tinder on a computer, or on their website. This is another solution if the mobile app continues not to work for a long period of time.

In the comment section below, let us know if you continue to have issues and what issue you’re most commonly having with Tinder crashing.

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