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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps on the market right now. Millions of users are using the simple dating app to try to find both love and compassion. Tinder is different from other user apps in terms of pricing and payment plans. But is Tinder free for people to download?

Yes, Tinder is a free dating app for both IOS and Android platforms.

Learn more about Tinder’s free and paid features below and why Tinder is free for people across the world.

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Is Tinder Free?

Tinder is one of the most popular free dating apps that’s available on the app store. The first to the mobile dating app market, Tinder provides users with a free dating experience like no other.

Tinder is free and available in over 190+ countries and allows users to search by area proximity and age.

Not just on mobile, Tinder is also available on the web, which allows users to have the same Tinder swiping experience. This is why prompts people to ask: is Tinder free?

Tinder is entirely free to use and download on the app store as well as on the web. Free Tinder accounts can have success in finding matches as well as using premium features. Available in free and paid accounts, Tinder allows users to upgrade their experience through Tinder offers such as Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum.

How The Free Tinder Dating App Works For Tinder Users

Users are shown other profiles in a card stack, which the user will swipe left or right, primarily based on their physical appearance.


If the user likes the person shown in the card stack, they will swipe to the right. After swiping right, the user then waits for the profile they swiped right on to swipe right on them. Two right swipes equal a match, and the two users can talk to each other through the app.

On the flip side, if one of the users swipes left because they do not like the person in the card stack’s appearance, they will instantly be removed from their card stack and never shown again.

This matching system has been copied by other mobile dating apps such as Bumble and Plenty Of Fish. This fast engagement keeps users addicted to the platform, as they never know what profile is coming next.

Tinder’s Free Features

Unlike or eHarmony, Tinder is completely free to use with some restrictions. All you need to sign up for Tinder is an IOS, Android, or a computer to create an account.

Tinder requires you to have a valid phone number to prove that you’re a real person. Tinder struggled with bots on their platform but has since cleaned it up to verify the user’s phone number.

Tinder is entirely free to the user. There’s no credit card information needed to create an account. Single users can sign up and start swiping within minutes.

Users can swipe on Tinder and have conversations without any limitations. There is a swipe limitation that we’ll cover in a minute, but there are no disruptions as far as using the app. This is what makes Tinder one of the more popular dating apps on the market.


There are some restrictions, however, with Tinder’s free plan.

Tinder users are only allowed around 50 free swipes a day before being locked out for 12 hours. This means the user cannot use the app’s core functionality once they have used their 50 free swipes.

Also, in the chat queue, users will often see a number with a blurred-out picture.

99 Likes on Tinder

This is the number of people that have swiped right on your profile. To access these matches, Tinder wants you to pay for their premium service.

Are you looking to travel? Tinder also limits your location and where you can place yourself. Currently, as a free user, you’ll only be able to swipe in the radius that your current location is at.

Using a premium feature called Tinder Passport allows you to be anywhere globally and swipe on potential matches in that location. This is great for people traveling or possibly moving to a new neighborhood and meeting new people.

This severely limits what the user can do without swiping, as they must rely on the conversation from current matches or buy the paid features.

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It’s one of the highest-rated online dating apps in the world. eHarmony users are actually actively looking for relationships. Give it a try here for free and see if you can tell the difference.

We recommend not purchasing Tinder Gold until you have been using Tinder for at least a couple of months. Get a feel for the app and understand how it works before actually financially committing yourself to it.

Use Tinder daily, and swipe until you get locked out and have to wait 12 hours. We recommend swiping at night; that way, you’re able to still talk to your matches as it will restrict you from swiping.

This will allow you to maximize your Tinder experience each day and still get all the swipes you need.

We also recommend using the right amount of photos on your profile, which we detailed here.

Every experience is different on Tinder. We recommend giving it at least two months of active usage before quitting or financially committing to the dating app.

Tinder Gold

Tinder has to generate income to provide to the millions of users who use the platform daily to stay in business.

Tinder generates income in a few different ways. Tinder has what’s called Tinder Gold, a subscription service that unlocks features that drastically enhance your dating experience. Features that are available in Tinder Gold include:

  • Unlimited swiping
  • Seeing who already likes you
  • Extra super likes
  • Rewind missed connections
  • Location change

Let’s break down more of these features in Tinder Gold.

Unlimited Swiping

Unlimited swipes mean you can swipe as many times without having a cool-down period. You can swipe right on every single person you want, without getting locked out or having Tinder slow you down.

This is beneficial if you’re someone who wants to have success on Tinder quicker rather than having to wait for matches.

Super Likes & Boosts

Tinder Gold gives you access to super likes and boosts.

Super likes are the ability to stand out from other users. When they open up their profile, your profile photo will appear on top with a blue star next to your name. This means that you super liked them and are more likely to get more attention from that user.

Super Boosts are used to attract more people to your profile. Tinder will put your profile first, that way other users can swipe right or left on it sooner rather than later.

These features are available to the user on a monthly payment plan which spans from the lowest plan of $29 a month.

Tinder Gold allows users to get the most out of the dating platform. The free version is enough to find matches, but Tinder Gold takes it to another level. All the features in Tinder Gold instantly upgrade the user’s experience from the free version.

This paid membership unlocks all the features that Tinder has to offer. Tinder Platinum is also another Tinder subscription option if you want to unlock even more features. We recommend you only look into this if you’ve used Tinder Gold for a while.


Tinder is entirely free to the user, and there are no significant limitations while swiping on the app. This app has gained popularity over the years because of its user-friendly interface and easy onboarding.

One of the most popular dating apps globally, Tinder has solidified itself as the leader in helping users match based on looks and biography. So to answer your question, is Tinder free? Yes, it is free to use and download on mobile devices and can be found in the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Tinder costs money for those who want to upgrade their dating life. But the basic features on this dating site help increase your chances of finding causal hookups or serious relationships. If you’re looking to start dating, start with Tinder and see how your life can completely change by meeting people who have an interest in you.

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