Post Date: September 29, 2020

When a user has been swiping for a considerable amount of time, they will be presented with a screen on Bumble that says, “You’re all caught up.”

Bumble shows the user a screen that says you’re all caught up to let them know there are no more available profiles to be seen.

In this article, we will show you why Bumble says you’re all caught up and ways you can avoid this screen.

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You’re All Caught Up Message On Bumble

Bumble presents a message to users that states they are “all caught up.” This message is typically shown to users after they’ve been swiping on the mobile app for a lengthy period of time.

This message is displayed when the user has run out of profiles in their given area. If your area proximity is set to 1 mile, it means that you’ve seen all of the profiles in your 1-mile radius.

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This message is not good for the user, as they will instantly be prevented from swiping on any more profiles.

Bumble uses GPS to determine who is in the same location as you. This is how they present other profiles to your swipe screen.

When there are no more users on the platform within that radius, Bumble will display this message screen, alerting the user that there are no more profiles.

Ways To Avoid All Caught Up Messages

There are several ways to avoid this caught up on the screen. We highly recommend you take action when you see this screen as if you see this screen pop up, you will not be allowed to swipe on any more profiles in this radius.

Change Distance Radius

To prevent the all caught up screen, users must first change their distance radius for potential matches. If you live in a densely populated town or city, and your radius is set to 1 mile, try setting it to 2 or 3 miles.

Although that may be a far distance as far as walking, it will allow you to see many more matches based on area proximity.

Changing the distance radius is a sure way to find more users on your app without changing other settings.

Change Age Range

If you’ve changed your distance radius and the error message keeps showing, we then recommend changing your age range.

We recommend either increasing or decreasing your age settings to see more matches.

Although these ages may be slightly out of your personal preference, it will bring more profiles to your swipe screen, so you’re able to continue using Bumble.

If you live in a suburban town where the population is low, you may have to adjust the distance and the age to capture a much broader audience.

Bumble is only as effective as its users; the app won’t work if there are no users to display. This is why we recommend you cast a huge net for age and distance to catch as many people as possible.

Purchase Bumble’s Premium Subscription

This may not seem like an obvious option, but it can help tremendously. By simply buying their subscription service, Bumble Boost, you’re able to get a lot more options about other users.

Bumble Boost users can rematch with expired connections. If there’s someone that you’ve missed, you’re able to reconnect with them.

This helps if you have matches that you’ve let expire due to inactivity. Bumble Boost can help bring back those matches, so you’re able to start a conversation.

Change Your Physical Location

If you’re always swiping for the same spot every day, it will only find profiles in that one specific location.

Go to a friend’s place 10-20 minutes away from the area. I feel bothered when you swipe on to find new users. This can help find new users in the preferences you’ve set for age and distance.

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Adjust your age range or search radius to avoid the message “you’re all caught up” on Bumble. This will show a broader range of profiles.

If you’ve received this message, it’s because Bumble has run out of profiles to display to you. There are no more profiles that fit both your age and distance preferences.

Adjust these preferences to be shown more profiles on Bumble. If not, you will be stuck with waiting for new users to come into your radius as well as match the age preferences you’ve set.

Avoid this message to have an easy, seamless Bumble experience that doesn’t require any stalling or delayed use while it searches for more profiles.

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