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In searching for true love, you will find yourself in the middle of two paths; the happy ever after or a journey of heartbreak and healing. And when it comes to finding love online, there are many opinions that the road to the happy ever after is further away, but is it? 

In searching for answers about dating services online and their success rates in long-lasting relationships, we will check the reality of finding love on one of the most used dating sites; eHarmony.

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Do eHarmony Marriages Last? 

Yes, eHarmony marriages do last, but to know the success rate of couples who end up tidying the knock after meeting on eHarmony, we should check the average rate of divorces. Just in the U.S, the average rate of divorce is around 50%. This means that half of the marriages are likely to end in divorce, which doesn’t sound too good for the success rate of eHarmony, right? 

Well, not exactly. With around 2 million couples helping to contribute to 4% of the marriages in the U.S, which is approximately 500 marriages a day. And while the U.S national percentage of divorces is 50%. The percentage of divorce at eHarmony is only 3.86%! This suggests that you’re much less likely to opt for divorce if you and your husband found each other on eHarmony.

Science Behind eHarmony & Long Lasting Marriages

If you have wondered about finding love online, you probably heard about eHarmony. eHarmony was launched in 2000 and co-founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a psychologist who wrote eight books about love. Dr. Warren wanted to create an online dating platform for single people searching for a serious relationship, making eHarmony the perfect dating site to find serious relationships. 

One of the ways this platform helps its users find long-lasting love is through a compatible test that will help you find your perfect match! So the success rate of eHarmony in helping create long-lasting relationships must be huge, right? 

Well, eHarmony is available in over 200 countries around the globe, and it has around 33 million users worldwide. Fifteen thousand people complete their compatibility tests daily, helping the system generate 13 million matches daily over a platform that welcomes approximately 4,1 million visitors a month. And while those numbers allow us to believe in love, they also raise another doubt; do eHarmony’s successful matches really last? 

Why The Small Percentage of eHarmony Divorces? 

One of the things that makes eHarmony so successful is their detailed compatibility test, as this will help rule out any match that may not be good for you. However, you must remember that just because someone is a match with you doesn’t mean that person is the only one. The system will select potential partners, but you should keep an open mind and explore which one is the right for you. But regardless, the eHarmony compatibility test helps you avoid losing time with people who aren’t compatible with you. 

Another reason eHarmony can justify the higher percentage of successful relationships is the higher fee you will have to pay if you want more access to the dating site. However, you can still open an eHarmony account for free, do the compatibility test, and get matches. The paid plan only gives you more tools, which can be helpful if you are trying to find ‘the one’ quicker.  

So, if you’re searching for a lasting relationship, eHarmony can be a perfect place to start your journey toward meeting the love of your life. The compatible matching system uses the psychological principles adopted by Dr. Warren to match people together, which has been proven to be a success, judging by the success stories. 

Just to shed some light on the data, for couples who met on eHarmony and walked the aisle, 87% say they are still pretty much in love, and only 1 out of 10 regrets getting married.

Do eHarmony Users Have More Successful Relationships Than Other People?

According to eHarmony’s analysis, relationships that start online tend to be better and even last longer when compared with relationships that start offline.

This perhaps can be explained because people who look for love online are ready to find love and tend to be in a different mindset, which can, of course, impact their relationship success. 

How Many People Have Met Their Spouse on eHarmony?

With an approximately 80% success rate, eHarmony is one of the best dating platforms to search for love. And, of course, most of this success goes to the compatibility matching system, which ultimately sets them apart from the rest. As you may know, online dating is not always easy or reliable; however, eHarmony shows better success rates when compared to other online dating services. 

And according to eHarmony, 1 out of 5 relationships that start online have started on eHarmony. And while 4% of the marriages that eHarmony helps happen may not seem a huge number, it’s a great accomplishment given the bad reputation of online dating.

And another thing to keep in mind is that couples who start dating on eHarmony, are 26% less likely to end in divorce. 

How Long Does It Take for eHarmony to Find Your Match?

After reading all about the great results of eHarmony, it might be tempting to jump to their site and find your perfect match; however, it can take a little time to find the right person. 

The process of matching you up with your potential perfect match can take a little time, but that’s one of the reasons eHarmony has such great results, as their online dating is not focused on hookups. Still, in creating long-lasting relationships, the matching process is fundamental. 

The process starts with you carrying a long personality quiz. And after that, eHarmony operates a proprietary algorithm to find your most suitable matches. And while this sounds like a fast process, it can actually take a few days to a few weeks. 

And as soon as eHarmony finds your matches, you can begin to communicate with your potential matches and find ‘the one.’ This part of the process is all up to you, and according to eHarmony, it can take about eight months for the average user to settle for their perfect relationship. 

Still, this number varies from person to person and will also depend on how active you are on the platform and how many matches you have. But it’s wise to remember that this approach is crucial if you search for a long-lasting relationship, and you should trust the process. 

Final Thoughts 

Dating is not easy, and finding love online might seem impossible. However, the best relationships have started online, and eHarmony has been a massive influencer in changing the online dating statistics. So if you are looking for love, you know where to find it.   

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