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Online dating can be daunting, even on well-established platforms like eHarmony. People often think rejection won’t affect them as much online as in person, but those who get blocked beg to differ. This makes many people more careful about blocking others, which begs the question, will people know if you blocked them on eHarmony?

eHarmony won’t send users a notification when you block a user on eHarmony. The person will remain unaware. However, if they try to view your profile or send you a message, they will get a notification saying, “This person has moved on.” That is the only indication they will get that you blocked them.

Blocking someone on dating apps seems harsh, but sometimes it’s necessary. On eHarmony, it’s also a not-so-subtle way of saying that you’re not interested in someone. Let’s see how anyone can see if someone on eHarmony has blocked them and how you can block someone if you need to.

Can Someone Tell If They’ve Been Blocked On eHarmony?

eHarmony is quite subtle about blocking. Some online dating services are blatant about it because blocking is usually a sign that you might have done something wrong, but eHarmony has a gentler approach.

eHarmony will not send users a notification if they’ve been blocked, and they won’t receive an email or a message in their inbox telling them someone blocked them. Someone can carry on using the platform for years without ever finding out about it. However, there are ways for them to find out if you blocked them.

How Can You Find Out If You’ve Been Blocked On eHarmony?

blocked users on eHarmony

It’s widespread for eHarmony users to block matches they are not interested in, often before even starting a chat. As mentioned, eHarmony will not send you a notification to tell you that you’ve been blocked. However, if you want to find out if someone blocked you, you could simply go into their profile.

The profile of someone who blocked you will be greyed out and have a message over their profile picture with the words, “This match has moved on.” You won’t be able to communicate with the person or browse their profile anymore. There also won’t be a chat option on their profile or the Chat page.

How To Block Someone On eHarmony

eHarmony has a convenient blocking function that’s painless to use, which is why so many people use it so often.

If you want to block someone, first take note of the following:

  • Are you 100% certain that you want to block them? Unlike other online dating sites and apps, blocking someone on eHarmony is permanent, and there’s no going back. You don’t have an unblock button, which is painful in some ways but also a good thing since the spiteful blocking and unblocking of people is a common trend that plagues many other platforms. The ability to send messages to unwanted members will be forever.
  • There have been isolated reports of people who managed to unblock users by contacting eHarmony directly. However, this is a complicated process that eHarmony may or may not honor at their sole discretion.
  • You can block matches you haven’t communicated with yet, and it’s painless. But you can also block people you’ve been in contact with for a long time. This takes slightly more effort because you must explain why you are blocking the person, mainly so the site managers can know if that user was violating the eHarmony terms of service.

To block someone on eHarmony if you haven’t communicated with them yet, follow these steps:

  1. Open the profile of the person you want to block.
  2. Click on the menu or the three dots on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select “Delete Match.”
  4. The site will prompt you if you’re sure and tell you that you won’t be able to change your mind about it. Select “Yes.”

For someone whom you have communicated with already, the process is similar except for a tiny part:

  1. Open the person’s profile you want to block.
  2. Click on the menu or the three dots on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select “Remove Contact.”
  4. The site will ask you to provide a reason. Be honest in your response so the site administrators can know if they should take additional action.
  5. The site will prompt you if you’re sure and tell you that you won’t be able to change your mind about it. Select “Yes.”

You can also block someone you’ve been in contact with by going into your chats, opening the conversation with the person you want to block, and selecting “Remove Contact” from there. The process will be the same after that.

Why Would You Block Someone On eHarmony?

As with any other online dating apps and services, and even most social media platforms, the primary reason for blocking someone on eHarmony is misconduct. Any member who violates the eHarmony terms of use deserves to be blocked. That includes the following:

  • Any user who insults or criticizes you should be blocked immediately. That kind of abusive behavior doesn’t belong anywhere, and definitely not on a dating site.
  • Users who are guilty of improper or indecent behavior, like unsolicited, inappropriate photos or vulgar words, should immediately be blocked.
  • You should block matches who are harassing you. Some people can’t take the hint and take it very personally when you indicate that you’re not interested. They can often start harassing you and refuse to stop, even after you’ve tried to turn them down nicely. Don’t entertain the harassment; just block them.

In all of these cases, simply blocking the users isn’t enough. You should also report them so that eHarmony’s admin staff can take appropriate action to keep the users from repeating that behavior with other users.

However, a trend on eHarmony is quite different from most other sites: people tend to block matches they are not interested in.

This is not really the use that eHarmony intended, but it is working out in a way, though many users find it frustrating. If you match with someone and, upon browsing their profile, you find that you’re not interested, you can delete the match. This will show the user in no uncertain terms that they are not the person you are looking for.

This way, you won’t waste each other’s time as they will not be able to contact you in the first place. However, be very sure before you do that, as many people have found their perfect matches in others who were not remotely the type they thought they were looking for.


People can see that you blocked them on eHarmony when they try to send you a message or view your profile since the service will tell them that you’ve “moved on.”

But you should be very careful before blocking someone because, unlike other dating services, blocking someone on eHarmony is permanent, and you could be making a big mistake that cannot be undone. eHarmony members are typically looking for serious relationships. If you encounter someone who isn’t and is being aggressive, contact their customer service team on the eHarmony website to sort things out.

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