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eHarmony is renowned for its comprehensive couple-matching software. It’s a specialized system that guarantees suitable lifelong mates. This online dating service is user-friendly and offers independent privacy controls. That is, the user determines profile privacy levels.

The 5 Privacy Tips for your eHarmony Profile:

  1. Create a strong password.
  2. Ensure that your personal information is secure.
  3. Always sign out of your account.
  4. The passcode protects all your electronic devices.
  5. Adjust the privacy settings on your eHarmony profile.  

This article offers practical advice on how to adjust your eHarmony privacy settings. In addition, it explains five well-established privacy tips to safeguard your information. Overall, eHarmony’s security measures have consistently secured its members since its inception in 2000.

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Are eHarmony Profiles Public?

eHarmony profiles public

eHarmony profile visibility is at the discretion of its members. Confidentiality levels can be adjusted in your profile’s data & settings section. This is a sophisticated dating service that reliably protects your information.

Monitoring your profile and personal information is done to secure you a compatible life partner.

eHarmony Premium Subscriptions And Visibility

eHarmony premium members are there for serious relationships. Typically premium members pay to have a top-notch online dating experience. This is why maintaining proper privacy against other eHarmony members is crucial.

Signing up for eHarmony is free. However, the pictures of other subscribers are blurred and require a premium account to view. eHarmony is one of the pricier online dating services. Premium subscription affords users many more helpful features- that’ll ensure a compatible match.

Privacy Tips For eHarmony Profiles

Fortunately, the user is responsible for protecting their profile on online dating sites. There are various means available to you. You can apply these tips to most of your social media accounts.

The following are valuable tips to secure your eHarmony profile privacy.

Create A Strong Profile Password

Creating a strong, memorable password doesn’t have to present a challenge. A strong password of at least 12 characters must include numbers, capitals, and symbols. A great trick is to memorize an easy, personal sentence. 

For example, my favorite subject in school was geography, I got an A+ (90%), and my friend got a C- (60%).

You can use the first letter of the sentence- mfsiswg,igaA+(90%),amfgaC-(60%).

This example is a strong password that’s simple to remember. It has random symbols and capitals at various stages.

Other password tips include not substituting obvious numbers for letters, for example, 0 for o or 5 for s. Also, avoid birthdays, yours or loved ones, and other apparent personal information.

Don’t use your name or current residential address or the word “House” or “H0u5e”. For example, the password “House” or “Red House” is one of the most frequently hacked accounts.

Additionally, don’t use eHarmony in your password. In the past, a surprisingly large number of accounts were hacked with the password “eHarmony” or “Harmony.”

Try not to use the same password for multiple accounts, especially Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or email. Remembering different passwords for all your accounts is tricky.

Trusting a password manager to remember your password is a good idea. Dashlane is respected and reliable.  

Create a unique, simple, memorable sentence relating to the account you want to protect. Use various symbols like the dollar sign ($) if, for example, you remember the cost of the first coffee date you enjoyed.

Always Sign Out Of eHarmony

It’s essential to always sign out of your eHarmony account. This includes shared devices and your personal ones. Don’t be complacent.

A lapse in vigilance can have significant consequences. So, ensure you sign out once you’ve finished with the site. Online dating sites will typically save your username and password. We recommend if you do log into any dating sites, you log out as soon as you’re done using them.

Secure All Your Electronic Devices With A Passcode

It’s essential to be mindful of all your electronic devices. Place equal effort with your PC, phone, and iPad or tablet. Use a password lock on all your items, adding an extra cover of protection.

Keep your passcode complex and unique for each device. See the above section of passwords. Investing in anti-virus software is also a good idea- to protect your system overall.

Don’t Share Personal Information With Other Users

Even if your potential match appears trustworthy, you mustn’t give away unnecessary information.

Again, the consequences of revealing too much to the wrong person will be significant and long-lasting. So, exercise caution and discretion and commit to limiting what you share.

Crucial information includes your email address, work and home address, and phone number. Also, don’t give away information like security questions that protect your password- the name of your school, the street you grew up on, your mother’s maiden name, or your pet’s name.

Adjust Your Profile Privacy Settings

There are three ways you can hide your eHarmony profile status and visibility. Firstly, you get to decide what the public sees in your profile.

Secondly, you choose your level of exposure- whether visible or invisible and if you’re online. Lastly, you can let people know whether you’ve visited their profile.

How To Conceal Your eHarmony Profile From The Public

It’s important to remember that once you’ve become invisible, other users whom you’re familiar with will still have access to your profile. You’ll be hidden from all remaining members.

The following are steps to conceal your eHarmony profile.

  1. After you log in, select the arrow on the top of the screen next to your photo. This will open the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Data & Settings
  3. There’s a Profile Visibility option- change the green slider and make your profile invisible.
  4. A banner on your Profile page will state your current visibility status.

How To Conceal Your Presence When Visiting Other Profiles

An eHarmony user can adjust their settings, so other members won’t know you’re visiting their profile. However, with the amended settings, you won’t know if someone was viewing your profile.  

  1. Select the arrow icon next to your profile picture after logging in. This will give you the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Data & Settings
  3. Go to the Visitors section.
  4. Adjust the green slider to make your profile invisible.

How To Conceal Your eHarmony Online Status

You can change your settings to let people know if you’re online.

  1. After logging in, select the arrow in the top corner next to your profile picture. This will give you the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Data & Settings
  3. Adjust the green slider in the online right now section.
  4. Choosing the do not display section will disable you from knowing other members’ online status.

eHarmony’s Privacy Protection Policy And Measures

As a user, you must familiarize yourself with eHarmony’s security measures and privacy policies. Inquire who is allowed to view your messages and your information.

The software scrutinizes all the interactions between eHarmony members. This is to learn about members’ personality traits, likes, dislikes, and general dispositions to make appropriate matches.

eHarmony has an outstanding record of protecting its user’s privacy. However, this socializing platform doesn’t freely account for what they do with users’ private information- like selling it to the highest advertising bidder.  

As a subscriber, it’s your responsibility to discern if there are any faults or vulnerabilities in the privacy procedures and privacy settings. Online dating sites will always have a privacy policy that you should read if you have any questions. 

eHarmony Online Security Procedures

As an online dating service, they take various measures to protect the privacy of its users. For example, data encryption, password hashing, and world-class firewalls safeguard subscribers’ personal information.

Data encryption secures information confidentiality by transferring it into ciphertext. Then, a unique, one-time code unlocks the information.

Password hashing scrambles the user’s password into an unidentifiable character sequence. Therefore, robots and malware can’t uncover the password.

A firewall is an online security device that oversees and regulates web traffic. It adheres to vigorous security procedures, gatekeeping the interchange of data. 


The privacy of eHarmony profiles is entirely up to its subscribers. Members can adjust their profile settings to conceal various aspects like online status, visibility, and viewing other profiles. Photo visibility is only afforded to premium members. Overall eHarmony has a good track record of safeguarding its users’ information via password hashing, data encryption, and robust firewalls.

The eHarmony dating app is similar to other dating sites where they put the user as the most important asset.

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