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Dating over the years has changed quite drastically, with online dating becoming the norm. eHarmony is one of the leading dating sites in the US and has led to over 2 million happy couples tying the knot. eHarmony has played large in this success rate.

Nonetheless, online dating can be tough, and when it comes down to it, online dating is all about matching with possible dates. But how does one optimize matches? Is there a trick to it?

From personal experience, there are enough matches on this dating app to make eHarmony the best dating app in the app store.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to get more matches on eHarmony and how to best utilize the eHarmony dating site.

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How To Get More Matches On eHarmony

9 Proven ways to get more matches on eHarmony:

1.       Change Your App Settings

2.       Don’t Be Too Strict In The Quiz

3.       Get A Paid Subscription.

4.       Use The Wink Feature

5.       Use Icebreaker Prompts

6.       Create A Catchy Profile

7.       Choose At Least 4 Profile Pictures

8.       Keep Your Profile Updated And Fresh

9.       Be An Active Member

Interestingly there is a knack for dating apps, and there are indeed ways to navigate the vagaries of matching on eHarmony. We have put together the best 9 ways to get more matches on eHarmony, and they are easy and quite simple yet can yield fantastic results.

Online dating sites take persistence and patience. eHarmony members are looking for relationships, as it’s consistently marketed as the top dating site for relationships.

1. Change Your App Settings In eHarmony

The first and most obvious way to increase your match chances is by ensuring that your settings provide you with the largest possible area. The more people you are visible to and who are visible to you will mean more people you can potentially match with, which immediately ups the likelihood of matching.

When it comes to the settings, you will need to increase your search area to the maximum distance allowable. Expanding your height and age parameters as far as you feel comfortable with them will also further increase your chances of finding possible matches.

2. Don’t Be Too Strict In The eHarmony Compatibility Quiz

eHarmony sign-up requires you to fill in a quiz to help the algorithm find your most compatible matches. The thing is, you can reduce your matches by being too picky. Of course, there can be non-negotiables when it comes to likes and dislikes but doesn’t be overly limiting of possible matches due to hair color, height, and interests.

Try to be honest when filling in the quiz but also be open-minded and think it through as you go. Limiting matches because the options available don’t like basketball seems self-defeating.

Think of this compatibility quiz as the gateway to your soul.

3. Get The Premium Plans

While eHarmony is free to sign up for, the free package does have its limitations. Paid subscribers to eHarmony can message matches, and even better, if you see a profile you really like, you can message them even if you haven’t matched yet. This will greatly increase your chances of matching as you can make yourself more visible.

A paid subscription will also give you unlimited photo viewing and the ability to perform distance searches, and you will get to see who has viewed you. Hence, it opens up the possibilities further. And more possibilities mean more matches.

4. Use The Wink Feature

eHarmony has a wink feature where users can send prospective matches a little wink emoji to indicate interest. Don’t be shy about using features like this, as people are much more likely to respond if they know there is evident interest. The wink feature is a great way to start a bit of flirtation.

Please don’t overdo it, but the odd indication of interest can go a long way in the online dating world and can be a great icebreaker.

5. Use Icebreaker Prompts

Speaking of icebreakers, the app offers pre-scripted little messages that you can use to initiate a conversation that may lead to a match. While you can use these, start coming up with your own.

6. Create A Catchy eHarmony Profile

Dating apps are similar, and when prospective matches are bombarded with thousands of profiles, you need to ensure that you have something in yours that stands out. Humor is one of the most efficient ways to catch attention and create interest.

Include something snappy and funny in your profile. Be original in how you write your profile, don’t just list your likes and interests, and provide a short anecdote, a bit of detail that makes you stand out without writing a novel.

7. Choose At Least 4 Profile Pictures

Regarding dating profiles, images can make or break your success. You should upload at least four images of yourself. There should be at least one headshot, one full body shot, something where you are active, and a fun shot. Photos provide a lot of information without having to say a thing.

Pick a fun, casual images. Photos, where you are smiling are always a good idea as it makes you look approachable and friendly. Preferably stay away from photos that are unclear who you are in the image. Group photos can be confusing and make it seem like you hide behind your friends.

Choose images that give insight into your interests and personality; if you enjoy hiking, use a photo of you hiking, and so on. The profile photos are an extension of your overall profile biography, so use them wisely to make a positive impression.

8. Keep Your Profile Updated And Fresh

We all know those profiles that we see time and again year after year with the same images, don’t be that person. You may get a lot of matches on initial sign-up, but this is because you will be new to the community. To keep up your impetus, keep your profile updated and refreshed. Change your photos, and update your profile blurb.

Not only does this stop people from merely skipping over to you again because they recognize you from past searches, but keeping your profile updated helps to indicate to the app that you are an active member, so it will automatically increase your match recommendations.

9. Be An Active Member

This is an easy one, but it can also be quite time-consuming. If you’re serious about getting more matches and increasing your chances, try to check in at least once daily. This will ensure the app knows you’re active and that if there are any new prospective matches out there, they will show up in your feed.

As people move about, they can pass in and out of your location parameters, so checking the app daily will help you catch more possibilities.

What are the first steps to begin my dating journey on eHarmony?

Dating is not about finding someone or just meeting someone else. Eharmony gives members many tools that can help them accomplish these tasks.

The first step to beginning your eHarmony membership is to take the first step. To get started click on the button below which will take you right to the compatibility test.

The compatibility quiz will generate a compatibility score. This is used to complete your eHarmony profile so other members can be perfectly matched to you.

The free basic membership will help you get started. However, the premium membership will help you find new matches that you couldn’t find before. New members will see how easy eHarmony is to use and why it’s preferred over other dating apps.

New users will need a premium membership to send the first message, receive matches and get the full eHarmony experience.


Getting more matches on eHarmony is possible and quite simple; the key is to use all the app’s features. While this means you will need the paid subscription, it does pay off. After all, eHarmony is not one of the most successful dating apps for nothing, and with a presence in 125 countries, you can’t go wrong.

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