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Online dating has become a norm today, especially for people who are always on the internet. It is convenient, fast, and very efficient. Still, some online dating sites and apps can be pretty costly because of how they end up not working. Luckily, there is eHarmony, which is very affordable and offers you a free trial. But how does the eHarmony free trial work?

eHarmony free trial works by entering in your basic information. You will then be asked to take a compatibility test, which matches you up with like-minded users. The full functionality of eHarmony is only available with paid subscriptions.

The problem with many different dating sites and apps is that it can be pretty difficult to test the waters out, especially if there is some payment involved. This is true even for those sites and apps that offer free trial periods. But eHarmony works differently. So, if you want to know how its free trial works, you should read on.

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How Does eHarmony Free Trial Work?

Some sites and apps are technically free because you can still use them even without paying. But the problem is that you have to suffer because you are merely limited in what you can do if you are on a free account.

eHarmony restricts basic usage for users, as they must pay for a subscription to use basic functionality. When a user signs up for eHarmony, they can use very few features.

One feature the users get to try out is the compatibility test. Users can take lengthy tests to get a compatibility score. This score is what will be used to match you with other users. To take this score, it’s completely free for new users.

compatibility score on eHarmony

Once you’ve completed the test, your score will then be compared with other members. Those who have scores that are comparable to yours will be placed high on your list.

Aside from the compatibility test, users will look at 1 picture and read bios from other users. That is it.

EHarmony restricts usage for free users because they want people who are serious about using their platform. Casual users typically won’t pay money, so this paywall only attracts people who want long-term relationships.

eHarmony Free Trial Period

Unlike most other dating apps and sites that offer free trial periods, eHarmony works in a way that is a lot different. At its very core, eHarmony is still a dating website based in the UK and has its own unique way of helping you find the perfect date.

It might be similar to many other dating sites and apps out there, but there is still a uniqueness to eHarmony that makes it stand out. Of course, its free trial is what truly makes it one of the more unique dating websites on the internet today.

eHarmony has a trial period that allows you to explore the app and feel how it works. We recommend taking the compatibility test and

However, the good thing about eHarmony is that there are plenty of different ways for you to take advantage of this website for free.

We offer plenty of free trials to help first-time eHarmony users get started.

eHarmony Vs Other Dating Apps

Again, we have mentioned that eHarmony technically doesn’t have a free trial period, unlike other dating sites and apps.

That means that the company doesn’t directly give out free trial periods on their websites, but that doesn’t mean that there are no free trials for eHarmony.

The good thing about eHarmony is that it has partnered with different websites that promote this dating site. In such cases, the websites promote eHarmony.

Simultaneously, eHarmony allows the sites to offer free memberships that you can acquire by performing different steps unique to the websites or entering a promotional code. It is a mutual relationship between eHarmony and the websites because they can increase web traffic that way.

However, the free accounts handed out to you have certain limits to them, even though some might not have expiration dates. The limits are pretty stiff because you might not be able to send messages or view photos.

This may prompt you to sign up for a basic paid account. Still, the good thing is that you can get a free membership from eHarmony through other means.

Free Communication Weekends

If you are on a free account with eHarmony, you won’t be able to message your matches without paying for a basic account directly. That is the downside of signing up with eHarmony for free. Still, you are free to match with people even when you have a free account. And the good thing is that you have unlimited matches with that account.

Luckily, eHarmony offers free communication weekends that allow you to freely communicate with the people you matched with whenever the website offers free trial weekends. These events usually happen once every month or sometimes for two months. And free trial weekends can last for three to five days. 

The good thing about free trial weekends in eHarmony is that you can talk to your matches without even having a basic account that lets you send messages to them.

So long as you have signed up for eHarmony’s free account, you can take advantage of these events and make the most out of them until you can find someone you really want to go out with.

And the best part about eHarmony’s free trial weekends is that they won’t ask for your credit card credentials or even ask you for anything that will make you feel obligated to subscribe to the site. It’s that easy!

As long as you are registered with the site for free, you can receive updates and emails on when the next eHarmony free trial weekend will be.

How Do You Get A Free Trial With eHarmony?

Technically speaking, you can have a free account with eHarmony because the site allows you to register with them for free without asking for any payment information on your end or without making you feel like you have an obligation to pay them.

But the good part is that eHarmony offers free trial weekends that will allow those who registered with eHarmony for free to communicate with their matches during the chosen weekends.

As long as you have a free account, you can take advantage of these weekends and make the most out of what eHarmony has to offer to you and your chosen matches.

Can You Use eHarmony Without Payment?

Like all dating websites, eHarmony offers you a chance to use it without forcing you to pay for a subscription. But that is customary, and it doesn’t have many features you can make the most out of, except, of course, you are allowed to have unlimited matches.

The problem is that, except during free trial weekends, you won’t communicate with your matches when you are using a non-paying account with eHarmony. This is true even when a paying member you matched with actual messages you. As a non-paying eHarmony member, you won’t be able to see the message and respond to it.

That is why paying for an eHarmony basic subscription is the best way for you to get the most out of one of the world’s leading dating websites. While more expensive subscriptions have their own perks, you can still communicate with other paying members so long as you actually have a subscription of your own regardless of how much it costs.

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