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What Is A Good Compatibility Score On eHarmony?

When users sign on to eHarmony, they are presented with a lengthy compatibility test. At the end of the test, you’ll be shown profiles of other users, who have a compatibility score on their profile.

A good compatibility score on eHarmony is any profile that is over 100. This means they are more likely to share your views and interests based on your compatibility test scores. Anything close to 60 or 70 means low compatibility based on eHarmony’s data.

In this article, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about compatibility scores on eHarmony and why it can help you secure longer relationships.

Understand eHarmony’s Compatibility Score

Separated from all dating apps, eHarmony has created an algorithm to help users create more meaningful matches. They’ve named this science-based approach their “compatibility test”.

eHarmony Compatibility Test
eHarmony Compatibility Test

When a user signs up to use eHarmony, they will fill out basic info such as their gender and their sexual preference. Once the user fills out all of the basic info, they will then be taken through a series of questions which are all part of the compatibility test.

Questions that are featured in this test include understanding if you’re a morning or night person, staying in or going out to clubs, and preferences such as outdoor or indoor getaways.

These questions are all calculated by eHarmony’s algorithm, which helps match up users who share the same interests. This why eHarmony claims to have a 3.6% divorce rate with users who get married off their platform.

eHarmony compatibility test

This divorce rate on eHarmony is significantly lower than the standard U.S. divorce rate. eHarmony claims that it’s compatibility test and score results are the reason relationships are better matched.

The eHarmony compatibility test is lengthy and can take a user up to 20 minutes to complete. Although it may seem tedious, the platform must understand your interests and personality to match you with other users better.

Once you’ve completed the compatibility test, you’ll be given a compatibility score.

Matching By The Compatibility Score

The compatibility score is a score that’s given on a scale from 60-140. Anything closer to 60 typically means that there is little to no compatibility between you and that person.

An example of this is if the person likes to party and enjoy long nights, meanwhile you like to relax and enjoy early mornings.

Using their compatibility tests, eHarmony is able to anticipate your interests and personality habits and best match you with someone you would enjoy spending time with.

eHarmony Home Screen
eHarmony Home Screen

Users who are closer to 100 on the compatibility score, are someone that eHarmony believes is the right fit for you. The higher the score, the closer to personal preferences they are to you.

When eHarmony presents profiles on your home screen, it’s best to look for nearby profiles that have anything close to 100 or above to match with someone you know for a fact confidently has your same interests.

This is the main difference between eHarmony and other apps like or Tinder. eHarmony uses science and predictability tests to best match up to its users. There’s no card stack; there’s no guessing if a user may be a good fit just because they live down the street.

What Is The Highest Compatibility Score On eHarmony?

The highest compatibility score on eHarmony is 140. This means that you and the other user are a perfect match. You’ve both picked every single question the same on the compatibility test and meet all the necessary criteria for a perfect match.

A perfect match is often very rare, as no two people are exactly alike. This is also a great thing about the test. It closely matches up users with their similar interests but realizes that not every single person is alike.

However, when you’re searching for matches, we recommend searching for high compatibility scores that are over 100. Anything closer to 140 is often ideal but can often be hard to find.

These high scores give the user a look inside of what each profile can bring in terms of happiness and well-being in the future.

We recommend going premium, and sorting the high compatibility scores in your area, to best find a match that fits your preference both physically and mentally.

Simply having enough data to collect on your user before actually talking to them is beneficial for deciding if you want a future with this person.

What Is The Lowest Compatibility Score On eHarmony?

The lowest compatibility score on eHarmony is a 60. This score signifies that you and that other user have nothing in common.

It’s rare to see a score be that low. However, it’s possible to see a low score on eHarmony as you’re scrolling through profiles. Scores that are below 80, we recommend you disregard them.

This can be one of the hardest parts of using eHarmony. Often, profiles come across our screen with a beautiful person with a deficient compatibility score.

For the sake of your time, we recommend skipping right over them. eHarmony’s algorithm is powerful enough to match you with the best fit for your personality. Taking a risk on someone who does not fit your personality can lead to heartache later down the road.


eHarmony’s compatibility score is unique and unlike any other dating platform. Each profile is given a score between 60-140, which allows users to decide how compatible they are with one another.

eHarmony takes a science-based approach to their profile matching, as opposed to the anesthetics approach. This helps relationships be more meaningful and purposeful ask you’re not just judging off of looks, but for interests and personality.

Although eHarmony may seem a bit pricey compared to other dating apps, it’s highly recommended as all users on the platform are serious about the dating process. If they’ve paid and taken the time to complete a 20-minute test, you can be confident the person on the other end is interested in learning more about you, just as much as you care for them.

In the end, that’s what really matters as we look to spend the rest of our life with someone who is both our spouse and our best friend.

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