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eHarmony, one of the premium dating apps and dating websites, is often criticized for being expensive. eHarmony needs to charge customers a high price for several reasons.

eHarmony is expensive because it attracts people who are serious about dating. Setting a high price point will limit the number of casual daters who try out the site and leave, similar to free dating apps. Having an elevated price point makes people financially commit to finding love.

In this article, we’re going to look at why eHarmony is so expensive and why the price point may be worth it if you’re looking for a mobile dating app.

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eHarmony Pricing Chart

Like other mobile and online dating sites, eHarmony features a tiered payment service, allowing users to pay for some time.

eHarmony pricing

eHarmony features three different payment plans for users:

  • 6-Month Payment Plan
  • 12-Month Payment Plan
  • 24-Month Payment Plan

Each payment plan comes with the same features. The features that come with each payment plan are as follows.

Why eHarmony Is So Expensive

eHarmony uses a high pricing threshold to attract users who are serious about dating. Casual users who don’t have to pay money will often bring a bad reputation with them.

This reputation can be a casual dating culture that leaves a bad experience for users.

eHarmony charges money to use their app that way; it keeps away the casual dating crowd.

Users who pay for eHarmony are often serious about dating and higher their standards.

eHarmony Subscription Features

View Unlimited Photos

eHarmony, unfortunately, does not let the user experience any of the functionality for free. Unlike other mobile dating apps, eHarmony requires the user to pay to see all of the other user’s photos.

The images are often blurred out, and the user cannot see exactly who they’re talking to.

Paying for one of the plans will unlock all of the person’s photos, so you can see exactly who you’re talking to.

This may not seem like a big deal; however, it’s crucial to view unlimited photos to see the potential available matches to use the app’s full functionality.

Unlimited Messaging

To talk to potential matches, users must pay for a monthly plan. This will allow users to send as many messages as they want to other matches.

Messaging back and forth is not permitted unless both users are on the paid plan. This allows both users to text back and forth, similar to how they would on any mobile dating app.

eHarmony allows the users unlimited messaging once they have paid for a 6, 12, or 24-month plan.

See Who Views You

If you’re attracting a lot of eyeballs to your profile, eHarmony allows you to see who exactly is looking at your profile.

This is a rare feature that’s not included in every other mobile dating app. We think this feature alone is worth the price of paying for eHarmony. Simply seeing who views your profile means that people have an interest in your profile.

Also, if nobody is viewing your profile, it often means that your first picture is not capturing the eye of anyone and that you may need to change it to attract more people.

This is a great way to test and attract more people than other apps where they randomly swipe right and left with no analytics.

eHarmony has a powerful search feature that allows users to search distance based on their compatibility as well.

Knowing exactly where someone is from helps tremendously in the online dating world. Having to travel over an hour to see someone can be adamant.

Having proper search criteria when searching for a potential match is crucial in the meeting offline process.

Detailed Personality Profile

A detailed personality profile is vital to attracting the right person. eHarmony has a compatibility test that helps users match with other users based on a series of questions they answered.

This test is crucial because it allows users to match with each other based on personality.

Users who enjoy a night in, avoid conflict, and are more introverted, are far more likely to be a match than party animals who love conflict and are outgoing.

eHarmony takes your personality traits and creates a profile similar to those who are the same way. This is why they have such a high success rate of marriage and relationships in the dating world.

Why eHarmony Is So Expensive

eHarmony is so expensive for a few reasons.

First, it immediately weeds out the casual crowd. Guys and girls who are casual daters, whether casual dating culture or simply not looking for anything serious, are not likely to pay for dating.

Other free apps like Tinder & Bumble often attract these crowds because they’re free, attracting that type of audience.

eHarmony, however, attracts serious couples and an audience that is looking for a relationship.

Like its competitor, both charge a high price for a monthly subscription because an increased financial commitment will often attract people who are serious about dating.

Second, eHarmony is expensive because of its unique personality test and algorithm to match you with the correct user.

eHarmony has a compatibility test when onboarding, which forces the user to answer several questions about their personal life and favorite things to do.

This test is unique from other online dating apps and provides a unique experience for the user.

Is eHarmony Worth The Price?

eHarmony is worth the price of paying 6 or 12 months. We recommend the six or 12-month price points, as it shouldn’t take more than a year to find your match.

Typically matches can happen relatively fast, or within a few weeks, so this gives you the perfect amount of time to meet someone and take it offline.

We recommend buying the year package just in case something goes wrong with one of your dates. It’s easier to get back on to eHarmony, and not have to start the lengthy onboarding process again.

Purchasing a 12-month membership allows you to have a comfortable dating timeline without having to worry about spending more money to renew.

Twenty-four months may be a bit too long. However, we have found users who would rather pay for two years and not have to worry about it than users who pay for 6 or 12 months, entirely up to the user.


eHarmony is so expensive because it provides a unique dating and matching experience for the user, unlike any other dating app.

They’ve created a dating experience that users can enjoy with matches that share the same values and beliefs. This is all calculated based on their compatibility test, which generates like-matches based on their algorithm

eHarmony’s price point attracts users serious about dating and looking to take the next step in the relationship process. eHarmony is not for casual daters or for those who want casual dating.

This is why eHarmony is one of the top mobile apps.

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