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eHarmony, a dating site used by many to find meaningful and purposeful relationships, has a reputation for being a Christian dating site. Is eHarmony a Christian dating site, or is it just a normal dating site?

eHarmony, founded by a Christian physiologist, helps Christians and other religious faiths find a long-term, meaningful relationship. eHarmony started as a Christian dating site but has since moved to an all-purpose dating website.

The Christian population is one of the more common faiths found on the dating website. This article will look at who eHarmony markets to and how the Christian faith plays a role in this dating website.

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Christian Dating Site

eHarmony was a Christian dating site when it first started. It now services every religion and gender preference, making itself a leader in the dating app scene.

eHarmony was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a Christian psychologist who started the dating website in 2000. This dating website was well ahead of its time, becoming the first dating website to be completely algorithm-based.

Its special compatibility score helps couples be better aligned based on the world and personal views and interests. This algorithm has put eHarmony at the top of the dating world, considering religious views and several other criteria.

When it started, eHarmony was specifically for Christian couples and has since evolved.

Against Christian beliefs, in 2009, eHarmony created Compatible Partners, which allows same-gender couples to be paired up in the algorithm. Christian beliefs are against same-gender marriage. When asked about why same-gender wasn’t on the dating service, Dr. Neil Clark Warren stated:

“We didn’t want to pretend to be experts on gay and lesbian couples,” said Warren. “We’re not anti-gay at all …It’s a different match.”

In 2005 however, the company was sued for discrimination against same-gender couples. In response, they created Compatible Partners, a site for gay and lesbian couples that would have their algorithm matched with the gender preference of their choice.

Can Christians Find Love On eHarmony?

Yes. One of the criteria that a user fills out during their compatibility test is religious views. If the person chooses that they’re Christian, they will more often be aligned with other Christians.

This is one of the many different data points that go into the eHarmony algorithm, perfectly aligning you with the best-fitting match on the dating website.

eHarmony Christian

As it started as a Christian dating website, eHarmony has since evolved into a full-fledged dating website for all people.

As Dr. Warren said in a CNN interview, it surveyed 20,000 of its married couples and found that 3.9% had gotten a divorce more than the 6.9% of typical U.S marriages.

Finding love on eHarmony is common and by the statistics noted, it will help you stay together longer because you’ll be more compatible with them.

Online dating is the new norm of dating, and eHarmony is leading the way with its platform and algorithm.

Is eHarmony The Right Dating App For Christians?

In an interview in 2016, Dr. Warren noted that eHarmony has over 770,000 active users on the platform. Users are encouraged to stay on the platform until they find someone they are delighted with.

Due to its reputation as a Christian platform, most Christian users are still attracted to the platform instead of Tinder Or Bumble.

The great thing about eHarmony is that the more users join, the more opportunity there is to find someone 100% compatible with you.

As Dr. Warren makes mentions, it may take months or even years to find someone who fits exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t settle and keep trying to find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Is eHarmony Only For Christians?

eHarmony is not only for Christians. Any singles who are looking for a serious relationship can join eHarmony. This includes any men or women of any religious practice.

One thing that eHarmony makes crystal clear in their marketing, they are not for casual dating. If you’re looking for casual dating or a one-night stand, eHarmony is not the dating website that you should join.

As mentioned, its Compatible Partners app has helped both gay and lesbian couples find their matches. The Compatible Partners app utilizes the same eHarmony technology. However, it’s a standalone platform.

From a technical perspective, eHarmony believes it’s easier to match people up with their types of criteria if you’re gay or lesbian than getting matched with a straight single, ultimately ruining the user’s experience.


eHarmony started as an exclusive dating site just for Christian singles. It has since evolved into an all-around dating website and mobile app that allows users of all genders and religions to find their compatible match.

Users looking for that Christian relationship can still find it, as eHarmony uses its algorithm to ensure religious views are still part of the mix.

If you’re looking for a Christian dating site to help you find other Christians to share your love and faith with, eHarmony is the site for you.

Also, if you’re looking for a site that matches you based on your preferences and hobbies with other users, eHarmony does a great job in matching up singles who fit the criteria.

Join eHarmony today and see how the popular dating website can help you find your Christian or non-Christian match by their compatibility test. Stop searching for love in a crowded bar and start looking in a place where science meets love.

Join today and start your journey on finding your most compatible match and start a happy and healthy relationship.

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