Standouts Tab On Hinge – How It Works

Hinge has just released a new feature that allows users to craft clever and interesting prompts that may favor other user’s interests. They call this feature the standouts feature.

The new standouts tab on Hinge curates a list of prompts from other users, which are refreshed daily. This tab features no pictures, only answers to questions to entice the user to click on the profile and match based on personality.

In this article, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about the standouts tab on Hinge.

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Standouts Tab On Hinge

Hinge has a new feature called Standout. This tab can be found on the bottom taskbar, as it’s represented by the star icon.

standouts on Hinge

This new feature is unique to Hinge, as it allows users to search for clever answers rather than pretty pictures.

The standouts tab will show a list of text responses from other users each day rather than picture profiles. If you like the response, click on the user’s name to be brought to their profile.

standout tabs on hinge

These responses can vary based on the other person’s personality. Hinge is attempting with the standouts tab to match users with more than just pictures and physical appearance, but with text and personality.

If you like the person you see in the standouts tab, you can click on their prompt, bringing you to their profile. This is where the like button doesn’t take effect like it normally would.

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Sending A Rose On The Standout Tab

The standouts tab will show you curated prompts from other users that match your personality type. As Hinge mentions, these profiles are picked daily: “Outstanding prompts from people most your type, refreshed daily.”

However, the catch is that once you click on a profile of a prompt you like, you must then send a rose to the other person to show that you’re interested.

As we wrote about here, Hinge has a new way to show other users that you’re interested in sending them a rose. These roses cost money and require users to purchase after every single or bundle use.

Hinge developed the standouts tab to encourage more users to send more roses to get more money from users.

Roses will work anywhere on the app; however, they are the primary source of likes in the standouts tab.

Is Sending A Rose The Only Way To Like Someone On The Standouts Tab?

Unfortunately yes. Hinge has created this feature to get more users to buy more roses and send them to others.

Hinge is primarily free to use the mobile dating app. It does have premium features available through its monthly subscription; however, this feature is another revenue source.

standouts on Hinge

The standouts tab is a revenue source that encourages users to spend money on roses and send them to curated profiles delivered to the standouts tab. In addition to the daily likes you receive, Hinge is trying to capitalize on the added feature by having users send roses.

More On The Standouts Feature On Hinge

Hinge curates users in the standouts tab that can only be contacted by sending a rose.

It’s important to note that these users are refreshed daily, and Hinge uses its algorithm to best match up users that suit your type.

Hinge delivers 10 different users to your standouts page daily, in which you’re able to send as many roses as you want to as many users as you want.

Standouts on Hinge choose which profile you like

Again, this may be costly if you’re sending 10 roses daily. If you have no issue spending money on Hinge, we recommend buying a dozen roses and see how they work for you.

Roses are a great way to stand out from other users, and finding them on the standouts page often means a better-positioned match for you.

Hinge is designed to be deleted, so our goal is to find a person we can grow with and delete the app as soon as possible.

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The new Hinge Standouts tab and feature allow users to sort through curated prompts from other profiles. To like these pages, you must use a rose which costs money.

Hinge gives you one free rose a week (on Sunday), so make sure you use it for someone you really want to meet.

If you’re not interested in spending money on roses, unfortunately, the standouts tab will be rendered useless for you, as it requires a rose to use.

Use the standouts tab on Hinge as a way to find interesting matches that may like the same sport, hobby, or even food as you. This is a great talking point and a way to begin a conversation. Try your luck with the standouts feature and see if you can lead the pack with the rose.

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